I could call this post the end, but that perspective seems glass-half-full, doesn’t it?

Wanted to write this missive to my chicken-wingers today. We can cackle about the happenings around the coop in 2013.

Can’t blame you if you complain of vertigo while reading this blog. For the life of me, I can’t discover my bloggy niche. You’ve read about my bad clothes (and my obsessive-compulsive photography of all my ‘outfits’), you kept me on-key as I sang in Candide and waxed rhapsodic about Bernstein, you witnessed bears taking a bath in a stock tank at the ranch, you appropriately ohhhed and ahhhed over the new grand baby girl, and you’ve lent a non-judgmental ear as I’ve blogged about alcoholism and drug addiction.

My favorite post of the year? Really? Thanks for asking! I suppose my favorite post….because I love to laugh, would have to be…….


Christmas 2013 was a blessed affair for my family, although we can have a zany, non-traditional approach to the holiday.

Thought this was the most festive and colorful sweater for big Sprout #1…..until I realized the activity of the deer. Fun times.
Does it surprise you that Sprout #1 would give this Christmas sweater as a gift to his BIL? It shouldn’t.
Fun with photo props Sprout #2 gave me. Me and the girls.
Sprout #2 with the hubby
The Texan and moi. Looking good!

After Christmas, we kept this rug-rat for a couple of days.

A tough job, but SOMEBODY’S gotta do it.

Does the end of the year have you looking like this?

Sleeping on your feet.

This final day of the year has me preparing to attend a funeral. Even though this year has been good to our family, I don’t have to look far to see those dealing with illness, death, financial difficulties, depression… name it. The holidays can magnify our trials. I’m grateful for our blessings, but I mourn with those who mourn.

On this last day of 2013, I leave you with this:  the Creator of the Universe passionately adores you. He thinks you are grand, and He pats himself on the back every time He thinks of you. You can’t do a thing to undo this fact. He wants you to know Him and He wants to walk with you through 2014.

I’m grabbing that outstretched hand.

I’m lifting my champagne and toasting you. ****throwing the glass in the fireplace****

Bubbly love to all.

5 thoughts on “beginning

  1. the men in your family never disappoint. those are some funny fellas! i think you had a spectacular blogging year! you covered a wide range of topics, each one enjoyable and thoughtful. i felt like i got in a rut and wrote about the same thing too much. here’s to happy blogging in 2014, friend! love ya!

  2. Happy New Year to you!!!! FINALLY I’ve had a chance to truly sit down and get caught up on some of your posts. I feel so in the know again 🙂 And I’m glad I came when I did because that sweater is awesome and your grandbaby is so gorgous.


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