bad confession

Confession time. I am:

Compulsively thinking about another man.

Making blue rock candy.

Driving to Albuquerque in an RV.

Displaying a sudden interest in chemistry.

Purchasing a one-eyed pink teddy bear for the grands.

Eating plate-loads of fried chicken.

Did you know tighty-whities are the new sex symbol? You probably did, because you’re WAY ahead of me in the cool-department.

My addiction.

Don’t worry, the Texan knows all about my sordid state. I recently downloaded the entire run of Breaking Bad on my Kindle. I don’t usually watch dramatic series like the Sopranos, House of Cards, etc. They don’t interest me…..but something about the dad from Malcolm in the Middle morphing into a murderous meth king-pin intrigued me. How exactly could the meek Bryan Cranston possibly create this transformation?

Transform, he does. By the time Walter White utters the words, I am the one who knocks, I was a cool-aid sipping disciple. I watched late at night when I should’ve been sleeping. I guiltily snuck an episode or two in during the day whenever I had a 45 minute break. I kept my Kindle in my car and watched bits and pieces of the series whenever I had a little time between meetings or errands. My addicted nadir was me sitting in the parking garage of my gym….ear-buds firmly implanted, Kindle white-knuckle gripped….while a friend was honking at me trying to tell me goodbye after an exercise class. Had a hard time explaining that one.

Why do you like a series glorifying drug use and murder? questioned the Texan.

I don’t think the series uplifted the use of meth or glossed over the consequences of the drug-addicted life. I imagine it highlighted that dark-underbelly lifestyle with a gritty honesty.

While watching the series I swung between two constantly competing emotions: lifting my jaw up off the floor or holding my sides from raucous belly-laughter.

I think Walter White is the most complex and interesting fictional character, ever. Of all time. Bravo, Vince Gilligan.


Restraining myself now from writing Bryan Cranston a stalk-y, gushing love letter. Totally respect his acting chops. Gotta go now to check eBay. Hope I have the winning bid for the tighty-whities!

Anyone know of any Breaking Bad 12-step groups?

Jonesing love to all. Ding, ding.

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