pondering play

‘All brothel whores to the stage in five minutes. This is a five-minute call for the brothel whores to the stage, please.’

threepennyandhannah 009a
Two of the brothel lovelies.

Welcome to my weekend with the Threepenny Opera.

threepennyandhannah 011a
The brazens.

Some lessons learned:

The addition of a stage cigarette can morph a character from mild-mannered to desperate with just one puff.

threepennyandhannah 013a

An uplifting bra (with added padding), eyelash glue, and safety pins are an absolute necessity when playing a hooker. A lack of normal modesty comes in handy, too. I had to crop the photo above. My bloomers were too big and dropped down embarrassingly low. Oops. Sorry, cast-mates. Accidents happen.

Kath and Nath.

Whores can be annoyed by beggars. Mainly because their ‘make-up application time’ is considerably less.

threepennyandhannah 004aMy ensemble-friends are a fun and talented bunch. Love them.

Play-acting is an imagination-stretcher. It allows you to inhabit a body/person you would never be in real-life. It’s fun. Sure hope the audience thought so, anyway.

Stomping out my stage cigarette and returning to my blessedly smoke-free real life.

Hope you embrace your opportunities to explore and play.

Threepenny-love to all.


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