tasty labeling

Yesterday, as I was visiting our local Tea2Go, I glanced at the TV and witnessed an infomercial. It had me scratching my head and tittering the remainder of the day.

What was the infomercial, you ask?

Master dump-chef Cathy. Photos courtesy of BuyDumpCakes.com

I don’t know about you, but you can include me in a subset of people who don’t care to sample any recipe with the term ‘dump’ in the title.

Did you know that after you hungrily consume your dump entree, you can then devour a lip-smakin’ dump cake? God bless America. Life, liberty and the pursuit of dump-cooking.


Is chef Cathy implying easy with her term dump? My heart longs for the bygone era when we were admonished to ‘just say no’. Now we are told to ‘just dump’? Oh….if only it were that easy, Chef Cathy!

What recipes might be included in these dump cookbooks? Easy-Peasy Junk Jello? Rubbish Ragout? Sensational Cesspool Salad? Refuse Rainbow Trout? Kitchen Sink Cacciatore? Send me your clever suggestions! I want to hear your humorous jewels, people. No crap-sandwiches, please!

Perhaps Catch-all Casseroles is a more appetizing title?  I’m breathless with anticipation waiting for the Dump Dips book to be released!

Go forth and dump. BuyDumpCakes.com

I admit it. My mind is overactive and goes places it shouldn’t.

I can’t stop thinking of the ingredient list for Defecation Dumplings.

Joy-of-cooking love to all.

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