your majesty


I never was a passenger on the Downton Abbey train. That’s why my addiction to The Crown on Netflix puzzled me. I viewed two entire seasons in 3 or 4 days. I enjoyed the history and I was forever fact-checking details of the series:  Winston Churchill, WWII, the Great Smog of London, and the Suez Canal.


the crown
photo Netflix



I was also fascinated with the pomp, tradition, royal crimson carriages, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, horses, Dukes, Duchesses, crowns and corgi-dogs. Like most Americans, it’s not in my DNA to comprehend royalty. I only understand it dimly as a snotty kid with nose pressed to glass. I don’t ‘get it’. Oh….and the titles and rituals involved with meeting royalty:  ***curtsy***  ‘Her Royal Majesty, the Queen”, ***only offer your hand if she offers hers***back away slowly when conversation is over***. I devoured the coronation episode with the dress and the official portrait and Westminster Abbey and Prince Phillip and trumpets and the CROWN. Breathe out. Guess I don’t have to fully understand the monarchy to realize they are something pretty darn special.

Today, another type of royalty entered Jerusalem. He didn’t come in a gilded carriage, or on the back of a sleek, black war-horse. He wasn’t adorned with velvet robes and he did not sport a jeweled headdress. He entered Jerusalem on a……donkey? A lowly ass?


photo courtesy Audrey Moore


Still, the people lined the thoroughfare with their precious garments. ‘Hooray, Hooray!! Salvation is here! Salvation belongs to the King! Let all the angels sing hooray, for Salvation is here!!’ Their joy so overflowed they cut palm branches and waved them gleefully in the air.

Would I have clapped my hands and joined the crowd in shouting ‘Hosanna!’ that morning? Would I sheepishly follow behind? Would I bring a friend to join the happy parade, or would I hide in the shadows? Would I recognize Jesus or would I knowingly size him up as another carnival-barker? Is my face lined with weariness of years waiting for a Savior? What is this ‘living water’ and why should I give a damn? I don’t have time for this! Who IS he?

palm sunday

Oh….I go to church and I sing in choir and I try to do good things. But, what does that stranger on the back of a humble donkey mean to me TODAY?  Do I act like a new creation because I claim to know Him?


photo courtesy Audrey Moore


I don’t have any pat answers. I continue to wrestle. This seems like an excellent week to ponder the questions.

Hope your Holy Week is inspiring.

Royal-love to all.


One thought on “your majesty

  1. OH, KATHI! I love this! You are always a beautiful inspiration to me! I will call you back☺️☺️☺️! I hope you are doing well❤️✝️ A BEAUTIFUL EASTER TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

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