New Focus


My neuro glasses are much sexier than these


Before the shutdown of the Big Pandemic, my eye doctor prescribed prism (or neuro) glasses for me. I’ve struggled with headaches and crippling eye fatigue for a while now. Haven’t picked up a camera in months. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t focus and photography became frustratingly difficult.

Focusing on scenes like this=difficulty


Eye tests revealed I wasn’t focusing efficiently and one of my eyes was ‘drifting’ a bit. My brain was in hyperdrive trying to make sense of what I was seeing. I excitedly waited for my glasses hoping they would make a positive difference in my life. Took a long time because of the Big P, but….hallelujah!…they arrived. I never would’ve believed I could get so excited over the prospect of wearing neuro glasses, but hey….they are helping! My brain doesn’t have to work so hard to focus.

Recent events have crashed upon us and we’ve been forced to shift our focus. Daily calendars have been shredded. The kids are home….EVERY DAY. We’re cut off from loved ones. News is awful at best. Don’t wear a mask, do wear a mask! Take this med, never take this med! Orange man is the best, orange man is a despot! Don’t kill granny, it’s just the flu! Is your head rotating like the girl in the Exorcist? Mine is, and it has me thinking…..what’s the real meaning of my life? Why am I here? What’s going to happen to all of us in the future? Will we be caged in our homes forever? That type of focus leads to the darkest of rabbit holes and I avoid letting myself linger there for too long. If any period in history teaches we are NOT in control, this is surely it.

Lately, something in my Presbyterian background has slapped to the forefront of my thinking. It’s a question asked to children in the church and it comes from the shorter Westminster Catechism. I know…..long words, but a simple concept. Here’s question #1:

Q.  What is the chief end of man?

A. To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Notice… it didn’t mention health, fortune, fame, children, family, good works, busy-ness, accomplishments, church, sagging necklines and saving the whales. Accepting this new reality and knowing God will work everything for ultimate good is where I find serenity. Enjoying God? I’m free to do that! I can glorify God by thanking Him for my (too numerous to count) blessings. I can tell others the great things He has done for me…..did I mention I get to see 2 of my grands every day? Also, I have 2 matching doxipoos. Did you know restaurants can sell take-out alcohol now? That’s right….White Russians have become my quarantini of choice these days. I thank God for every delightful sip.

To those of you who have lost jobs, who can’t pay the rent, who feel trapped, who can’t get out of bed, who worry the day away, who know someone who is sick or someone you’ve lost to Covid-19, many heartfelt prayers for you. You’re not alone. We’re all being touched by the effects of this stupid virus. Prayers for you and I hope you feel God’s presence and trust you will receive the help you deserve.

Hope it’s not lost on us the significance of wrestling with these issues during Holy Week. Giving up sugar for Lent feels like a misty, forgotten dream. Is that really the best I can do to honor God? In the face of recent sufferings, it’s laughable. First hint of lockdown and I race to the lovely embrace of sugar and white flour. Yup….that’s me.

This week, I’m thinking about loving God and enjoying Him. Spending time talking honestly with Him and asking for forgiveness for my childish tantrums. Thanking Him out loud for the events of this week. Trying to realize my only reason for existence is to love Him, enjoy Him…today and forever. Everything else will fall into place as He sees fit. See? I think I’m walking a little taller. Aren’t you?

God bless you for reading this. If you need prayers, I will gladly pray for you. Seems I have the time right now. Hope Holy Week provides you with a glorious new focus. May we all hold close in our hearts the words of the Apostle Paul: for I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content.

Resurrection love to all.