Like chicken wings, I’m usually hot and full of fat.

I enjoy photography. I’m learning. This blog contains my efforts.

I have philosophical conversations with my spunky wiener dog, Roxy Doxy. You WILL see her on the blog.

I just pressure canned a bunch of ground beef with my BFF. Fun times.

I think I need a face-lift, but I’m afraid I’ll look like that weird cat-lady. http://plasticsurgerybeforeandafter.blogspot.com/2010/05/cat-woman-plastic-surgery.html

The most wonderful thing in my life right now is my milk-foamer. And Advil.

I wish I had chickens in my backyard.

I used to ride horses….a lot…until I broke my arm. Now they are expensive pets. Oh yeah….I have a mini-horse, too. Her name is Peanut.

Cool, serene sleep is a rare commodity.

My faith is important to me. Sometimes I write about it.

My most stellar days involve singing.

I’m a community volunteer. I enjoy writing about the arts.

Alcoholism and drug addiction run in my family. Sometimes I write about it.

I have to wear a hormone patch to feel normal.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to poke around.

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