pondering laughter

Rehearsals are in full swing for Amarillo Opera’s interpretation of The Threepenny Opera.

Cackling. Giggling. Belly-trembling guffawing. Water-spewing-out-the-nose laughter. Those were the sounds emanating from the ol’ bod last night.

Seems Mack gets trapped in the middle with his women.

Mackie and Lucy Brown. She has a difficult time staying per-pen-dic-u-lar around Mack.

He’s despicable, but Mark Womack makes us love him in spite of himself. There’s nothing else to say.

beggar scene
photo courtesy of Amarillo Opera. The locals.

My ensemble-cohorts making me chortle. The Amarillo fellows playing the gang members are priceless. Be sure to catch their antics.

Mr. Pizzazz himself!

The charming Patrick Swindell (of Patrick Swindell and Pizzazz fame) as a street singer. Patrick shatters the fourth wall and helps the audience understand the action on stage. He brings mountains of quirky fun to the show! You can see how spell-binding he is by looking at the reaction of the actor in the chair onstage.

photo courtesy of Amarillo Opera.

The Threepenny ensemble rehearsing last night. Look closely……notice the banjo. That’s right. A banjo! How crazy fun is that?

Don’t want to give away too much, but this show has an over-the-top ending. The finale even pokes the endings of grand opera in the eye. It’s smart, crisp and devilishly funny.

You don’t want to miss this gem. You will laugh. I promise. Next weekend….April 5th and 6th. Contact Amarillo Opera for tickets. Or message me if you like and I can hook you up.

The best medicine love to all.






 No, no….not that kind of butterfly!

I’m referring to Puccini’s Madama Butterfly presented by Amarillo Opera this weekend at the Globe News Center. For us opera neophytes that would be Mrs. Butterfly, I guess.

There is a show Saturday evening September 29 and a Sunday matinee on September 30, so you have two chances to catch this magnificent undertaking.

I’m not gonna pretend to tell you all the plot intricacies of Butterfly, because I’ve never seen it. I know it’s Puccini…it’s dramatic…and Butterfly is a treat visually as well as aurally.

The set is from SANTA FE OPERA. All the people ‘in the know’ and the technicians declare it is a BIG, impressive set. A ‘3-trucker’, I believe. The set was made possible with a generous donation from a local, opera-loving couple. The structure has the ability to move about the stage. Very impressive. Thank you for this kind gift to our community!

Our beautiful Mrs. Butterfly in rehearsal

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the set and some of the principal performers. I’m always stunned with the talent and impressive sound of these singers. The costumes are sure to be breathtaking, as well.

Aren’t these ladies gorgeous?

Don’t be surprised if you hear some sad songs….it is Puccini, after all.

So proud of our local Opera Company. Madama Butterfly has been a seminal and historic work for Amarillo Opera.

It’s amazing to me that a production of this caliber….with the impressive principals, the gifted singers in our local chorus, the talented conductor and our versatile local symphony musicians can unite to put something so special together in our fantastic Performing Arts Center. It’s a monumental undertaking, really.

Bravi tutti! (that means y’all are fantastic!) I’ll even throw in a toi, toi, toi for you.***if I had any IDEA what that phrase means***

Time to hatch from your larva stage. You don’t want to miss this. It’s gonna be EPIC! Call AMARILLO OPERA for tickets.

Winged-love to all.

Ready, Set, GOpera!

I’m not an opera aficionado. Don’t know a libretto from a library card. I think a cadenza is something my grandmother stored her Sunday china in. No idea what toi, toi, toi means….is it the number three spoken in Latin or the sound of spitting to keep evil spirits at bay?

The gorgeous set of Amarillo Opera’s La Perichole

Even though I don’t know much about opera, I’m positive there are lots of reasons to like Amarillo Opera’s production of La Perichole.

You see, I attended a picnic on the stage and was treated to some sneak peeks of the upcoming performance.

I enjoy the fact this opera will be sung in my native tongue Oklahoma Hillbilly English. Therefore, I can understand perfectly what this gentleman is singing about.

He is singing about women being goddesses. Who am I to disagree??

I enjoy the fact this show is clever and it makes me laugh. I like to laugh.

Our heroine…Perichole

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s singing a song about how men are generally dull and thick-skulled. Who am I to disagree??

I enjoy hearing gorgeous voices and supporting the arts in our humble town. We are fantastically blessed to have outstanding talent grace the stage in our glorious Globe News Center. The acoustics are sublime, so please silence your cellphone.

The director described this opera as a fluffy, tasty bit of meringue. Now pies….that’s something I understand. Remember these?

Ever seen such gorgeous meringue?

I understand meringue and I LOVE it! Not sure I’ve ever had it at an opera before, but I’m ready.

Another thing about this show that excites me….some lucky locals are in the production. Gives me some hometown faces to bravo about.

This is Michael and he is over the moon about being in the opera, even though he plays the role of a prisoner.  I’m happy for him and can’t wait to spot him onstage.

´╗┐Although I don’t count myself among the opera ‘educated’, I’m still attending La Perichole next weekend. It looks too fun to miss.

If you feel like coming….don’t be shy! Call AMARILLO OPERA for tickets to the show Saturday, March 31 or Sunday, April 1. There won’t be a quiz about opera terms or etiquette or anything like that.

Wait, wait…..seems I spoke too soon about the quiz.

What on earth are you doing, Roxy-Doxy?!

**Doxy breathless in a run-on sentence**I auditioned for the part of Perichole, but David O’Dell says I might be better cast as Madame Butterfly next season…do you realize it’s pronounced pear-uh-kole NOT pear-uh-CHOLE?…do you know the term opera buffa refers to all the hot, buffed-up men in the cast?…do you understand the term contralto refers to……

No opera quizzes. Just fun. Promise.

Buffed-up opera love to all.

boots an’ jeans an’ opera

Can Saturday be my own personal Groundhog Day??

I wouldn’t mind re-living yesterday a few thousand more times.

Woke up. Went to the gym and spun my legs off with my fitness buds. While riding nowhere fast, I racked up 25 miles and got the heart rate up. I’m grateful for the imperfect ticker…it’s workin’ pretty good lately!

Went to the horse barn to work with my horse trainers, Doug and Patti Pratt. My western footwear of choice:

Rode with my horse-buddy, Helen. We’re both mature ladies who are trying to improve our riding and killer horsemanship skillz. Helen always has a beaming smile and a contagious laugh. I like being around Helen cuz she’s a ‘glass half full’ kinda person. We both attempted riding our western horses in perfectly round circles.  Patti declared ‘you can’t ride a good straight line until you can ride a perfect circle’. We circled and circled with Patti’s encouragement.
The ‘best old-lady horse in the world!’ was his usual easy-going self. After riding him, he kissed me and sneezed on me…then the wind kicked up and my face was streaked with dusty horse snot. Patti was astride my big English horse and she asked if I’d like to climb up. Moi?? Now, this horse is a WHOLE different ballgame….tall…lanky…big-strided…thoroughbred…and did I mention TALL? I stuttered ‘sure’ and I tortured my inner thighs getting Big Guy around the pen. With Patti and Doug’s directions, I was able to guide him around the pen. Pure exhiliration for me getting to spend time with quality horses and friendly people.

Came home and headed for the shower.  It was soooo windy….how windy was it??….my face was streaked with dirt, you coulda planted a California redwood in my ear, my normally red hair was an earthy, dull brown and my nose was filled with massive, crusty dirt-boogers. Is this the perfect day, or what!?

My perfect day was about to get perfect-er. 
You’ll never guess what I did next…..I went to the OPERA. Opera in Amarillo, Texas you ask? Most certainly! We have our own reknowned Opera Company….Amarillo Opera. I cleaned up and made the Texan take a picture to commemorate the rare occasion of my cleanliness.

You know I went solo. The Texan doesn’t ‘do’ opera. Roxy Doxy adores opera and was ticked at the ‘no wiener dog’ policy.

My foundational garments were so tight, I popped a massive vein in my temple….covered the gruesomeness up with my bangs.

Anyhoo, back to the Opera. Here’s the low-down:  they performed (flawlessly) the Italian Straw Hat. It’s a farcical comedy and the performers sang in English. 

Now, I could get arrested for showing you this next photo….I’m not usually such a brazen rule-breaker…but I wanted my fellow chicken-wingers to see the glorious art deco set. Uh, maybe I didn’t really take this unauthorized photo at all….maybe my neighbor did and gave it to me. Yeah, he gave it to me! Here’s a glimpse of the colorful stage in our first-class performing arts center.

used by persmission of person who gave me this photo

The Italian Straw Hat was entertaining, colorful, and contemporary-this coming from a person who doesn’t know her Puccini from her panini! I enjoyed it.  All the singers were stellar, but a special shout-out to my friend and opera-diva, Sarah Beckham. A home-town girl turned opera’s next superstar. Sarah, you were divine!!!!…. ‘toy, toy, toy’ or whatever!!  I’ll cover all my bases by shouting,  bravo, brava, bravi, and bra-ssiere!

I pondered, as I crawled into my bed finally free from clamping undergarments ….where else in the world could I have spent the morning smiling atop great horses, and then dress up for an op-er-a gala in the evening?

Do ya see why Saturday gets my vote for groundhog day? You with me?

Hope your weekend was uplifting.

Big, bright musical love to all this week.