best news

Why am I perusing tack catalogs?

Longing for items like this?

pink trailer
Who can resist this truck and trailer from
pink halter
A striking pink halter should be in every horse’s wardrobe.
pink blanket
Doesn’t this pony look smashing decked out in the pink blanket?


Have you figured out yet why I am enamored with pink rompers?

Wouldn’t this romper be perfect for summer?

You know, don’t you?

grahambday&pnut 121a
I haven’t told Peanut the good news yet. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!

The #2 Sprout is having another foal!!

See the excitement on baby G’s face? See the terror on his Dad’s face?

It’s too soon to order these items, isn’t it? I should at least wait until she arrives in the latter part of May.

Lord. Hold. Me. Back.

Sugar and spice love to all.


We have a problem on our hands.

 It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just show you.

The grandson enjoying his bouncy chair.
What the??…..someone appeared in the bouncy chair doing the ‘bichon wave’. Notice she strapped herself in for safety.
The baby experiencing his first try in the jumper.

Really Sophie??! How did you get in there?

The waving Bee-shawn Free-say is totally outta control.

Can her behavior be an extreme case of animal mimicry? Just like this clever owl?

Can you see him? I didn’t snap this photo BTW.

 Don’t tell the Sprout I found Soph swaddled in the crib with the pacifier. Come to think of it….was her barking episode telling me of her preference for pureed lamb?

Send. help. now.

Love to all.

christmas props

Some of you will remember MY BLOG POST about the Christmas Party at Mom’s retirement home last Christmas. It was my 3rd or 4th year to help lead the festivities for the residents. They are nice to ask and I’m normally happy to do it, but when the invitation came to please do it again this year…I was hesitant.

I didn’t wanna.

How could I go back out there where Mom lived and where we spent so much time?

How could I be a cheery Christmas elf when the very act of being in the retirement home would fill me with sadness?

That’s it….I’d say I couldn’t do it! They would understand my grief. I didn’t want to face the way being there would make me feel. Nope. Nada. No thank you.

But then I heard her voice…..dammit….“Kath….some of those people don’t have anybody. Nobody. It would mean the world to them for you to come lead the party” 

Really, Mom….speaking to me beyond the grave? What’s up with that? O—K, I’ll do it. Now, be quiet!

I stewed. I delayed. I hemmed and hawed. I tried to come to a certain peace about being out there and how all of this was gonna work.

Then….I came up with the perfect solution. The shiniest, most perfectest, most baby Jesus-y Christmas prop EV-ER!! I’m totally, absolutely without shame!

You guessed it precious Chicken Wing reader……Baby G!!

People in retirement/nursing homes rarely get to see a baby.

One of my favorite residents. She’s always beautiful, happy and slightly ornery. Love her!

They NEVER get to see a cute baby wearing reindeer antlers!

The Christmas party for the residents today was a slam dunk. They loved seeing baby G.

Santa made a special appearance

Of course, I closed the party with retirement home bichon FREE-SAY extraordinaire….the fabulous waving Sophie. She wished everyone a Merry Christmas with her furiously waving paws.

Sophie and Santa in 2010

I’d say it went pretty well. It’s a milestone, for sure. Many of the residents spoke to me of their love for my mother, of her fabulous bridge playing and of her black humor. At times, I teared up….but it was OK, cuz usually the friend telling me the story was teary as well. I needed to hear the stories….needed to give and receive lots of hugs.

Overflowing gratitude to the Sprout for going to all the trouble of dressing up a newborn, a bichon and a golden doodle in Christmas outfits for their moment in the sun at the ‘home’ Christmas party. You are an outstanding daughter. Hopefully, you will not hear my voice beyond the grave. Love you, Sprout.

The Texan and I have not lost the necessary skill of eating while a baby sleeps on one shoulder. The Texan said G’s pajamas might contain a stray pinto bean

The Texan says he hopes Baby G doesn’t catch a bad case of the gout from being at the home today.

Hope your Christmas is filled with joy!

Shameless Christmas prop love to all.

he’s here

The grandson entered the world last Friday night and here are the promised pictures.

Baby G….8lbs 13oz

Sprout #2 did an outstanding job under nail-biting circumstances. She’s a total champ. I probably annoyed her, but she was understanding of my concern. I think describing her labor as loooooooooooong wouldn’t be an overstatement. Thanks to all who prayed us through this process. We are beyond grateful. Thank you, thank you…..mmmmmm-wah (big kiss)…can’t thank you enough!!

baby G and KK

Thought I was gonna have to break a few arms to get my chance to hold the baby. Such a big, sturdy boy! Do you see gratitude oozing from my every pore? Oh, and I NEED a haircut!
Holding a newborn just makes one happy, doesn’t it? Is there any better feeling?

Sprout #1….now he’s Uncle W. Looks like he swallowed a canary!

Took the opportunity yesterday to bombard the recovering Sprout and Son-in-law’s house with much of my photo paraphernalia. I was hankering for some nifty newborn photos. Never mind I know NADA about taking photos of infants….just jump right in…do it…get the feet wet.

After some unfortunate attempts to take baby’s picture in a stupid basket (with a handle that obscured his face), and trying to balance Grandson in the seat of my western saddle (he’s not fond of tooled leather and an abundance of silver)….I took his photo with a huge, scary-looking bear!

Cute feet

Doesn’t matter that said bear looks ready to devour him…Grandson looks peaceful enough. It’s an honest and solid first attempt. Photographed with love.

Scary bear really looks ravenous in the above photo, but baby G is so brave, he’s smiling. Take that, scary bear!

Oh lands!….There’s lots to learn, isn’t there?

The little smile captivated me…so I had to do a close up…even though it shows my limits as a newborn photog.

The Sprout wanted to keep Baby G awake some during the day yesterday hoping he might sleep a little better during the night. I think we accomplished that, Sprout.

He was jostled, bounced, maneuvered, balanced, and we might have bumped his head into the handle of the stupid wicker basket. Hopefully, he’ll hold no memories of the trauma.

Promise me…….you won’t ask the Sprout about the Boy Scout axe photo prop. It’s better left alone for now.

Smiling love to all.

stripper or granny?

I’m admitting it. My thinking is just wrong on so many levels….but, I can’t help myself.

The dilemma:  the middle sprout is having a BABY!!! One of the male variety!! Isn’t that just the most outstandingly happy, super-duper wildly wonderful-est news ever? Why…..yes it is!

Among the impending details….the Texan and I must think of our ‘grandparent names’. Are we simply gonna be granny and grampa or grandma and gramps or what?

The trend among my savvy-grandma friends is to christen themselves with a cute and memorable grandma moniker. This is an outstanding idea…..BUT….I know I’m the WORST….they all sound like stripper names to me. When they read this, I will now have no more grandma friends.

Maybe I’m the sicko….but YOU be the judge. Here are some actual ‘granny’ names. I’ve taken the liberty of adding the flavorful and zesty last names.

Bubbles Glitzhaven
Mimi LaFeet
Sugar Mittens
Birdie Paradisio
GayGay NoSay

See what I mean? Stripper, stripper….stripper! I’m so wildly desperate, I visited the stripper name generator (don’t even PRETEND like you haven’t seen these links on Facebook. I’m not buyin’ it!) to uncover my colorful, exciting granny name. My results:

Raquelle Lustywhip

What do you think? Appropriate? I kinda like it.

Anyhoo, I’m still mulling. May take the simple way out and just go by my first name……Kate, or Kathy. What do you think? The beloved, now-deceased mother-in-law was simply ‘Trish’ to my kids. It seemed to work really well all these years. As always, Trish set a fine example.

I value your opinion. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
I’m also in the market for a good pony. You’ll contact me if you know of one….yes?
What about Lexxxie?….oh….pity the poor grandson!
Raquelle-amour to all this week.