visor study

Presented for your viewing pleasure.

Etude du visors avec chiennes. Or, the importance of being earnest.

Chienne un. Doodle in red visor.

Chienne deux. Bichon in red visor

Chienne trois. Wiener in red visor. La sausage en chapeau rouge.


I hear it’s almost Christmas. Time to get busy. Thanks for stopping by.

Sincere love to all.


We have a problem on our hands.

 It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just show you.

The grandson enjoying his bouncy chair.
What the??…..someone appeared in the bouncy chair doing the ‘bichon wave’. Notice she strapped herself in for safety.
The baby experiencing his first try in the jumper.

Really Sophie??! How did you get in there?

The waving Bee-shawn Free-say is totally outta control.

Can her behavior be an extreme case of animal mimicry? Just like this clever owl?

Can you see him? I didn’t snap this photo BTW.

 Don’t tell the Sprout I found Soph swaddled in the crib with the pacifier. Come to think of it….was her barking episode telling me of her preference for pureed lamb?

Send. help. now.

Love to all.

christmas props

Some of you will remember MY BLOG POST about the Christmas Party at Mom’s retirement home last Christmas. It was my 3rd or 4th year to help lead the festivities for the residents. They are nice to ask and I’m normally happy to do it, but when the invitation came to please do it again this year…I was hesitant.

I didn’t wanna.

How could I go back out there where Mom lived and where we spent so much time?

How could I be a cheery Christmas elf when the very act of being in the retirement home would fill me with sadness?

That’s it….I’d say I couldn’t do it! They would understand my grief. I didn’t want to face the way being there would make me feel. Nope. Nada. No thank you.

But then I heard her voice…..dammit….“Kath….some of those people don’t have anybody. Nobody. It would mean the world to them for you to come lead the party” 

Really, Mom….speaking to me beyond the grave? What’s up with that? O—K, I’ll do it. Now, be quiet!

I stewed. I delayed. I hemmed and hawed. I tried to come to a certain peace about being out there and how all of this was gonna work.

Then….I came up with the perfect solution. The shiniest, most perfectest, most baby Jesus-y Christmas prop EV-ER!! I’m totally, absolutely without shame!

You guessed it precious Chicken Wing reader……Baby G!!

People in retirement/nursing homes rarely get to see a baby.

One of my favorite residents. She’s always beautiful, happy and slightly ornery. Love her!

They NEVER get to see a cute baby wearing reindeer antlers!

The Christmas party for the residents today was a slam dunk. They loved seeing baby G.

Santa made a special appearance

Of course, I closed the party with retirement home bichon FREE-SAY extraordinaire….the fabulous waving Sophie. She wished everyone a Merry Christmas with her furiously waving paws.

Sophie and Santa in 2010

I’d say it went pretty well. It’s a milestone, for sure. Many of the residents spoke to me of their love for my mother, of her fabulous bridge playing and of her black humor. At times, I teared up….but it was OK, cuz usually the friend telling me the story was teary as well. I needed to hear the stories….needed to give and receive lots of hugs.

Overflowing gratitude to the Sprout for going to all the trouble of dressing up a newborn, a bichon and a golden doodle in Christmas outfits for their moment in the sun at the ‘home’ Christmas party. You are an outstanding daughter. Hopefully, you will not hear my voice beyond the grave. Love you, Sprout.

The Texan and I have not lost the necessary skill of eating while a baby sleeps on one shoulder. The Texan said G’s pajamas might contain a stray pinto bean

The Texan says he hopes Baby G doesn’t catch a bad case of the gout from being at the home today.

Hope your Christmas is filled with joy!

Shameless Christmas prop love to all.

tough guy

Sunday found me at Mom’s nursing home visiting with the residents. My sidekick today was the amazing, famous waving bichon freee-say Sophie.

She’s the BEST nursing home dog…she’ll do anything for a treat. Can we say time to diet??  Wave, speak, play dead, shake, sit up….you name it and Soph will do it.  Sometimes she waves out of the kindness of her little white heart, but mostly she waves her paws off for foodical tidbits. The dog loves the nursing home!

enjoying warmer temperatures at the lake last summer

The residents have different reactions to the famous waving bichon.  One nice lady (whose head is always perilously close to dropping into her mashed potatoes) manages to lift her heavy head and smile. Sophie waves. Another resident (who is barely verbal) speaks and wants to pet her. Sophie waves. Another resident gives her a very hearty ‘HEL-LO’ Sophie waves.

I met a new friend…a resident named ‘D’.  D spoke slowly and articulately of his two poodles he dearly loved. Sophie waved. Said his children had to do something with them when he went into the hospital last June. He never had the heart to ask what they did with his two beloved pets and his children never volunteered the information. Sophie waved. I told D he looked too young and healthy to be at the nursing home. He proudly related he was 80 and he had had 15 strokes. (15!!)  He asked if I would visit room 17 whenever I came around with the dogs.

Of course, I will. You must be a some kinda tough guy, D, to have survived 15 strokes!

No, I’m not a tough guy….I have a big God.

Sophie waved. I waved. If you can’t find me in Mom’s room, look for me in Room 17.

The spirit of Room 17 love to all.

elf actualization

Santa and his perky elf made their yearly appearance at the retirement home Christmas Party.  The big guy doled out exciting door prizes to some lucky residents.
craig christmas 006
Joy watches Santa’s helper lead the group in a carol sing-a-long.
craig christmas 007
The elf marvelled at how strongly the folks sang when a microphone was suddenly thrust in front of them.
craig christmas 013
Lots of huggin’, lovin’, singin’, jingle-bell ringin’ and  general yuletide merriment.
craig christmas 003
The fun program was topped off with…..with…..


The Christmas Dogs!!
craig christmas 015
Christmas goldendoodle, Reba, was a little unsure.  In her humble opinion, Santa is loud, wears too much red and talks scary.  She couldn’t warm up to him.  She did wag her curly tail and she eagerly licked most of the residents.  She cheerfully modeled her ‘Merry Christmas’ fleece dog outfit.  She did her puppy best.

But the real star?  The dog who pants and whines to be in the Christmas limelight?  The adorable, waving bichon freee-say…….
craig christmas 014
The elf introduced her to the crowd and she proceeded (the dog) to wave her fat little paws off to choruses of  ‘Isn’t that the cutest thing?’ and ‘Awww’ and ‘She looks like snow!’ and other adoring comments.  We wondered as to her motivation for the great performance (she even ‘spoke’ on cue into the microphone!) this year.  The Sprout said Soph had been sitting in the dark, cold car and suddenly she entered a warm gay room with overwhelmingly delicious food odors.  At that moment, she realized she was born for the Christmas spotlight this day and she wasn’t going to let the parade pass her by.  Carpe diem, Soph!

When the program was over, Santa held Sophie and she graciously allowed everyone to stroke her curly, snow-white fur.  As if that performance wasn’t enough to win her the Christmas Oscar for a starring role for a bichon, she eagerly padded down the hall to the assisted living area.  There she greeted residents, while the elf passed out candy canes.  She even made a stop in the break room to greet a group of surprised card players. Her starring role was completed with a visit to the assisted living beauty shop. The elf realized she had been lucky to be in the presence of pure Christmas greatness. 

Thanks for sharing in the Christmas fun.
Here’s hoping you discover what YOU were born for this Christmas.
Special purpose love to all.

friday’s window

Here is the beautiful view from my kitchen sink.  Our house snuggles up to a hill (translation:  rattlesnake habitat) and it makes for some great wildlife viewing.

This morning I found myself pondering some recent events while looking at the about-to-bloom irises.

I was thinking about recent news of South Park (the crude TV show on Comedy Central) being targeted with jihad. Seems the show’s creators poked fun at the prophet Mohammed and it didn’t go over too well with certain radical Islamic groups. Never mind that South Park pokes fun at virtually EVERY religious and social group in the world. They’ve done horrible things with Jesus, the Pope, Tom Cruise (and Scientology), Buddha….if it’s a religious group, they’ve absolutely, tastelessly skewed it. To my knowledge, none of the other groups have issued a fatwa and pledged death to the creators of this show. Comedy Central caved to the jihadist pressure and bleeped the last episode of the show every time Mohammed was mentioned. All I can conclude is the powers at Comedy Central have no cajones and don’t understand the concept of free speech in America. Radical Muslims have NO sense of humor.
I was also thinking about Franklin Graham (son of Billy) being dis-invited to the National Day of Prayer because he criticized elements of radical Islam for their attacks of 9-11 and for their abysmal treatment of woman in their culture. It doesn’t matter if Reverend Graham speaks the truth:   we must be careful to not offend.
Lastly, I was remembering the crazy shooter at Fort Hood. All the evidence pointed to the fact this guy was part of a radical Islamic group and he had relationships with jihadists. He gave LOTS of signs as to his true agenda, but political correctness kept many, many folks in the military from speaking up about the impending danger.  Many of our fine military men and women (plus some of their innocent families) needlessly lost their lives.
Sorry to be such a downer, but I must conclude free speech is under terrible assault in the USA.
Here’s what bugs me. If I visit or immigrate to a country….let’s say Indonesia…I would go there with the knowledge that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. I wouldn’t be shocked to see women in burqas nor would I be surprised at the calls to prayer several times a day. That’s the way they roll in Indonesia. I would have to adjust to fit in.
In the U.S., we are a predominantly Judeo-Christian country. Our Founders believed in a Creator and our system of laws have deep Judeo-Christian roots. Being free in America means that those of other religions and cultures are welcome to settle here. They are welcome to practice their religion freely. They are welcome to live their lives in peace. But….here is where I differ from the current mind-set….we are not required to CHANGE and give up OUR traditions to accommodate our immigrants. Most especially, we won’t give up free speech. You come to America, you are going to hear and see free speech. Don’t be surprised by that fact. It might offend you, but that’s how WE roll.
Sorry…I’m shouting, but this is important to me.  It would be dishonest of me not to talk about it.

On a more pleasant topic.  Kept the in-laws’ bichon frise for a few days.

Lucy was an absolute angel from heaven! Doxy had mixed emotions, at times.

I tried to teach her some tricks, such as the famous bichon ‘wave’ or shaking hands. She was having NONE of it. She was perfectly content in her role as doggy angel. She snuggled on my lap, licked my wet ankles when I exited the shower, played a little doggy tug-of-war, and generally lovingly gazed at me.

Everyone should have to suffer such adoration! That is my wish for you this weekend-that you are the object of pure adoration.  Yes, you’re worth it.   Blessings and love to all.