letting go: a cenote story

Cenotes (suh-KNOW-tays).  Have you ever visited one?  Here’s a serene cenote in the jungle of the Yucatan peninsula (Mexico).

Notice the zip lines? Yep, that’s what we’re doing. This activity was the culmination of a hair-raising, heart-exploding, jungle canopy zip-line tour. Am I hearing extreme sportswoman?

You wanna zeep, Catalina?

Eets easy…just drop when I say let go.  No worries…..eets deep.

Do eet, Catalina!

Hey!…. young man!… you don’t see any bleeding Mayan hearts or skeletons down there, do you??

Cold cenote wedgie, but no scary torn-out hearts!

The Texan goin’ off bass-ackwards.

Swing those feet, Texan!

Skinny show-off.

The key to a satisfactory zip-lining experience is timing. Just ask my middle sprout. Her back was red, inflamed and bruised after her ill-timed cenote entry. Her legs swung out too far, her fingers were yanked off the pulley and she slammed her backside.
Her experience teaches us to not only enjoy, but to let go when the time is right.