halloween wrap-up

Sunday night Halloween carnival at our church.  The kiddos bounced on those big blow-up thingys, splattered paint in spin art, gorged themselves on carnival food and topped it all off with a ‘trunk or treat’ in the church parking lot.

The Texan and I helped out with the ‘trunk or treat’.  The wiener donned her orange and black jester’s collar and she permitted the little ones to stroke her velvet fur.  She feigned friendliness and interest mostly in those adolescents reeking of hot dogs and nachos.

I wore an Orphan Annie costume.  And for that extra-special touch of zaniness, I applied too much rouge.  Classic.

I had a cool shark costume planned for the Texan….but he was too large to wear it.  No matter how we tugged and pulled together, we couldn’t get the costume over his shoulders.  So…..Roxy-Doxy and I represented with our costumes while the Texan passed out candy from the back of our truck.

We enjoyed the young ‘uns in their get-ups.  Did you have goons, goblins, fairies and Spiderman knocking on your front door?  Here are a few of the enthusiastic youth.

Pink-crowned royalty.

Show me your muscle, Spiderman!!

The wiener inspecting Scooby-doo

Purple loveliness

Poke me..I’m done..cuteness overload!

Young at heart


Enchanting Bat Girl
Hope your weekend was happy and sufficiently scary.  Friendly advice:  if your hands continue shaking, you stare at the fascinating hamsters in your kid’s room at 3 a.m. and you’re training for a marathon, but can’t run 1/4 mile…..lay off the candy before visiting your physician. 
Kit-Kat and Whopper love to all.