nose knows




ice cream-I scream

I’m not talking about homophones today. I’m posting about a certain hound dog who hasn’t appeared on the blog in a blew… moon.

Roxy Doxy-Grand Canyon earnestness in a tater-tot canine.

While working in the yard, she’s my #1 assistant. Always on duty. Working to keep me safe. To serve and protect.

new lens 015a
The proboscis doesn’t miss a cent….I mean, scent.
What neighborhood kitty has been padding over the lava rocks?
What neighborhood kitty has been padding over the lava rocks?
new lens 046a
Has the crafty fox been on the stares…excuse….stairs?
Could there be a snake under the patio?
Could there be a snake under the patio?
new lens 023a
Is the smelly tennis ball in the pond? Goin’ in after it!
new lens 032a
Smellin’ a squirrel. Did he flea up the tree?

Sometimes a wafting fragrance causes the earnest little wiener to freeze in her dog tracks.

new lens 039aHonestly, some nature aromas make her stand as still as a statue!!

003aYou know the latest scent she’s been savoring?

It’s totally new.

hannah 025a
The precious grand-daughter!! Roxy Doxy licks her on the ear. We can’t resist kissing her face.

The Texan and I are adoring the girly smells, as well.

The Texan demonstrating to baby girl how relaxing the hammock can be.

Her busy, busy big brother learns a new skill every day.

G playing ball with the Texan.

Having fun. Feeling blessed and grateful.

Hope something you love causes you to freeze in your tracks in wonderment.

Pink love to all.

divine intervention

Divine intervention. Lord knows, I need it.

I’ve been busy with my annual divinity-making project. Keep dreaming of heavenly creaminess and the crunch of  fresh pecans. Even though I always aspire my candy to be celestial perfection, too often the results are simply earthly.

Some of the cast of characters.

If you ever watched your mother or grandmother make this candy, you probably learned some fun, new curse words. Divinity is persnickety. One of my batches today was a total loss. Had to pry it with hammer and chisel out of the mixing pan. Over the years, I’ve developed my own rules for making this Christmas candy.

Rules for making Divinity

1. Measure all ingredients carefully. Sugar must be measured to the last granule.

Pouring the hot syrup into the beaten egg whites.

2. Don’t attempt to make divinity on a day with a humidity level over 40%. Candy won’t set up.

3. Do not attempt to make divinity on a day with a humidity level under 30%. Candy will be as hard as an anvil.

Lovely pecans.

4. Have a USDA-NASA certified candy thermometer. Must be accurate within a millionth of a degree Fahrenheit.

5. Beware making divinity in a leap year.

Ready to spoon out.

6. Don’t attempt this candy on any day or year containing the dreaded number ‘1’.

7. Never plan on giving divinity as a Christmas gift. Your pores will excrete nervous gasses. Those gasses react with the candy to turn it a snot green color.

This piece looks surprisingly good.

8. Never…ever…let a wiener dog observe your divinity-making. It is the candy kiss-of-death.

I really wanted my candy to be perfect, but it wasn’t. I was tempted not to give it. Didn’t want my friends to suffer through crunchy divinity.

I put the candy in my pretty Target gift boxes and gave it away anyway. Maybe they will taste the love. Strikes me as a parallel to so many things in my life right now.  I could use a little divine intervention to straighten things out and spruce things up a little bit. Even if I don’t see divine intervention or I don’t feel it, it still seems important to keep striving….to keep giving. I’ll live fully in this current messiness and imperfection and you can meet me there. We’ll have a party!

Maybe that realization is my divine intervention for today.

Carry on. Christmas is coming.

Karo-y love to all.

visor study

Presented for your viewing pleasure.

Etude du visors avec chiennes. Or, the importance of being earnest.

Chienne un. Doodle in red visor.

Chienne deux. Bichon in red visor

Chienne trois. Wiener in red visor. La sausage en chapeau rouge.


I hear it’s almost Christmas. Time to get busy. Thanks for stopping by.

Sincere love to all.

paws and effect

When I’m working in the yard, Roxy-Doxy (a.k.a. ‘rockhound’) definitely has her own agenda. Her agenda does NOT involve helping me with the chores.

See?! She’s found the perfect stone! Isn’t this thrilling? ****yawn****whaterthechances??

As I dutifully unload my car of potting soil and plants, the Doxy has another plan for my day.

Yeah Roxy-Doxy…. I see your perfect rock. Nice. ****sigh****Rock=the cause
You’re gettin’ mighty close to the edge with that rock, wiener….don’t drop it!

Doxy….it’s gonna fa….. Uh-oh.

The effect.

The ultimate effect.

Pick up rock, throw rock into the bushes and repeat. The rock-drop never loses it’s appeal. Ne-ver.

You can imagine how much I am getting done…..

Spring love to all.


Discovered these photos and thought I’d share.

A big success this weekend:  made an apple pie with a homemade crust!

OK…maybe it doesn’t look THAT beautiful. Those are decorative leaves on the pie, people!

I was possessed. Had. to. make. apple. pie. I’ve never been a very successful pie maker….my crusts taste like salty boot leather. This time out, I utilized the nifty food processor to mix (not too much!) the fat and flour. I used mostly butter (with just a dab of the wonder-ingredient Crisco) for this pie crust. I rolled it out between 2 sheets of parchment paper. The crust was flaky, delicate and delicious. How could it not be wonderful with 8 gallons of butter? I waded through puddles of flour and toiled for hours wiping the embedded white stuff off the deco-molding on my 1960’s kitchen cabinets. Probably won’t be making pie again any time real soon.

Now for failure. I wanted to bring youmy valued chicken-wing reader…an adorable Halloween post. Something to tickle your funny bone and get you into the spirit of the wicked holiday. Yes….I was going to bring you the fearsome-ness of………..
SA-TAN! (bwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa)


I know…it was midday and the harsh light was unflattering. I know better.

Something is making me uncomfortable.

But I found this devil mask at the local walmarts and just HAD to show it to Roxy Doxy.

Hello?! Notice the slanted right eye! No good…..

 Have you ever noticed doxies have rather long, narrow faces?

I’ll pry the stupid thing off with my very own paws!

The satanical mask was grossly too wide for Doxy’s petite face….so I worked on it.

There’s a reason it’s called floral wire….it’s for FLOWERS.

Using available floral wire, I simple poked a couple holes in the bottom portion of the mask and twist-tied the wire around her snout.

Why couldn’t I have the Kim Kardashian custume??

Perhaps I turned the twisty-tie thingy a smidge too tight??

No amount of treats is worth this humiliation.

 I never got the perfect devil photo:

I hate you.

Big, mega FAIL. If it’s not Kim Kardashian or Lady GaGa, Roxy Doxy wants no part of it. Don’t feel too sorry for her. After the unsuccessful Satan photo shoot, I let Doxy engage in one of her FAVORITE activities.

Where’s the beef?

You guessed it! Sniffin’ out the walmarts bags for a special doggie treat!

Of course, she found one.

Enjoy your successes and learn from your perceived ‘failures’.

Oh…and it never hurts to add PLENTY of butter.

Autumnal love to all.

count dachula

scary doxy

And the Wiener, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting

On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;

And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,

And the lamplight o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

Shall be lifted – nevermore!

wrap yourself in the flag

Enjoy family and flag this July 4th.

Fly Old Glory.  Go ahead…wrap yourself in it.

betsy wiener1

Gaze up in wonderment and thank God you were born in the U.S.A.

Look others directly in the eye and proclaim, I celebrate being an American!

Have fun and appreciate your freedoms. Blessings to family and friends and blessings on our wonderful Republic. Flaggy love to all.

mountain mysteries

On our recent trip to the cabin, the air was abuzz with bears and rumors of bears; one man spied the bear at the salt lick across the lake, another spotted him at dusk circling the small pond. In my imagination, the bear looked something like this.

(Not OUR Actual Bear)

We kept a watchful eye on the wiener dog…especially around dark-thirty. Don’t think she would even make a good hor d’oeuvre for a bear but I’d rather not find out.  We didn’t hang up our hummingbird feeders.  Didn’t care to provide a bear with a sweet evening cocktail.
This next photo proves we are determined, brave mountain walkers.  In your face, bear!!!  You ain’t stopping hardy Texas stock from stompin’ in the woods and takin’ in the sights.  Walking in the cool mountain air is the best, isn’t it?

OK….OK…it was a little disconcerting to gingerly step over disemboweled fish on all the paths around the lake. These luckless  lake-trout had their heads bitten off and their bodies basically shredded. Not caused by humans.  But a bear’s gotta eat, right?  And bears love fish….so whatevs.
These mountain lakes are home to many interesting species (besides bears) and we were fortunate enough to spot some of them.  
I managed to snap the endangered Mountain Dachshund Boot-Scraper Mole (genus-wienerus) while it was digging outside one of the cabins.  Stealthily crawled on my belly and ruined a good pair of jeans to bring this stunning shot to you.
You’re welcome….not many of these left in the wild.  Most live in captivity at the Stuttgart National Zoo.
The eagle-eyed Sprout was first to see this next prize. She quietly motioned me over for the photo.

A thrilling capture, n’est pas??! One of the very few Giant Striped Slinky Finches (genus-metallicus re-bara) seen in the Northern Hemisphere. You thought it was the famous Sealy Posturepedic Coneheaded Crane (genus-matressvia firma)? No…no….that’s an easy amateur’s mistake to make. It’s positively the giant finch.
Smiling as the giant finch took royal flight, I high-fived the Nikon!  Imagine finding the Wienerus and the Metallicus Re-bara in the same day?  What could possibly be NEXT?  I was about to find out.
Rounding the trailhead, I raised my chin as the sun streamed through the budding aspens.  This surprise awaited me.

SCORE! Not so rare perhaps, but a fun capture of a beautiful elk grazing on the hill. I lifted the camera and took a few shots before he startled.

You probably won’t believe this, but he seemed almost tame. I think he would have eaten out of our hands had we offered. Weird.  The effects of global warming, no doubt.
We had hiked a long way and our feet were tired:  time to head back.  Little did we realize what horror awaited us.  I’m sorry to have to show you this next picture.  I’d like nothing more than to tell you we skipped home and gaily ate S’mores and milk and talked about our perfect day of capturing unbelievable images of rare animals on film. But no, Marlin Perkins, that is not how this day ended!
Making our way back, we came upon the site where I had earlier happily snapped the Giant Striped Slinky Finch.  Steady yourself….for I am about to show you…..the utter bloody massacre we unwittingly stumbled upon.  Behold the finch carnage.

All color left my face as I blinked back bitter tears while staring at the Slinky Finch’s lifeless carcass hanging in the branches. What the hell happened? Had he dropped from the sky like a flaming meteor? Had he come upon the territory of a lurking predator who snapped his fragile slinky neck? Bewildered, the Texan and the Sprout tried to console me. ‘At least you got the shot, Mom’ the Sprout cheerfully chirped. Yes….I got the shot, but I was feeling strangely hollow.
Turning toward home, we sadly drug our feet on the gravel road (thinking of the pitiful Slinky Finch and a good day gone bad) when we came upon this.

You are absolutely correct.  You REALLY are Marlin Perkins!! Bear scat (or poo, or turds, or doo-doo, or baby ruths)!! ‘Crap…the bear’s been here!’, I screamed.

Well…… fellow Jack Hannahs and Steve Irwins……. that’s how this day ended. I don’t have absolute proof. Nobody saw anything but there’s one less gorgeous Giant Striped Slinky Finch gracing the mountains. Next time we’re out walking, the bear better hope he doesn’t run into me!  This chick don’t take kindly to brazen attacks on an innocent, rare bird.

Easter awwwwws

Thought I’d spread some Easter happiness to you today.

This photo makes me happy. It makes me giggle.

I can hear you…..’ please, get HELP!’ You are shaking your head in pity.  I justify dressing up the doxy in humiliating baby clothes from walmarts….it’s to learn to use my camera…’ll make me more proficient in photoshop elements.  Naw, it’s just plain amusing.

Have the happiest and most blessed Easter ever!  Love to all.