dogtal hygienist

Told you about the vet giving me instructions to brush the wiener’s teeth.  Thought it would be a struggle….but surprisingly….NO.  Seems I have a highly trainable canine.  Started by showing her the toothbrush and carefully explaining the need for proper oral hygiene.

She wisely nodded and sniffed her approval.  Where’s Gene and why are you telling him ‘hello’.  Lord…eye-rolling….why must dachshunds take everything so literally?
Anyhoo, the toothbrushing training was proceeding well.  Not sure the animal cracker reward didn’t undo all the toothy cleanliness we were striving to obtain.

She’s progressed miles in the last few days.  She WAS quietly accepting it, but YOU know the wiener.  She’s always 100% ‘in’.
During today’s cleaning, she barked orders asking I make an appointment with my favorite dentist….the talented dentist-to-the-stars….Dr. Clint Esler.  She said she was very interested in professional teeth whitening (her Crest White Strips weren’t suiting her) and she MIGHT be a candidate for dental veneers-but she never undergoes ANY dental procedure without nitrous.  ‘Please advise Dr. Esler’
She produced the following picture….seems the wiener desires her teeth to look like Pamela Anderson’s teeth.
Pamela Anderson??  You looked at this photo of Pam Anderson and all you noticed were her TEETH?! 
Now you realize what I was thinking…..
can dental implants be far behind?! 

new quiz: dog or dishrag?!

Welcome to Dog or Dishrag? The quirky, heart-pumping game that asks you to discern canines from common household objects!!  

Kept the grand-dogs this weekend and we had loads o’ fun.  We prepared this challenging brain teaser for you.  C’mon and play along with us…you know you want to!

RULES:  the term ‘dog’ means anything canine.  The term ‘dishrag’ means ANYTHING RELATED TO HOUSEHOLD CLEANING-not necessarily a literal, physical dishrag.  I could have called this quiz Canines and Cleaning Products, but it didn’t have the jazz of Dog or Dishrag?.  That’s my humble opinion, anyway.

I’m not offering any prizes…..yet.  Maybe someday.  Your astute observations are your own reward.  So, put on those  bifocals and play the thrilling game… it a Dog or a Dishrag?



dog or dishrag?










How did you do?  Warned you it was challenging!  Feel free to take a deep cleansing breath to calm and center yourself.    Now…here are the answers:

1.  dishrag-steel wool
2.  dog
3.  dishrag-swiffer
4.  dog
5.  dishrag-mop
6.  dog
7.  dishrag-squeegee
8.  dishrag-steel wool brush.  This photo grossed me out-almost didn’t post it.  Notice the roach carcasses clinging to the brush?  Disgusting…sprayed it with Raid, threw it out…..called the exterminator.  Sorry you had to see that.  Yep, that’s the cleanliness of my house.

9.  Trick question…dog WITH dishrag.  heh-heh  

10. dishrag-duster
Hope you got 100%, you smarty!  Let’s take a moment to thank our canine models:

Puppy golden doodle, Reba! Thanks, Reba….hey, what’s that in your mouth?

The lovely and talented Roxy-Doxy protecting the mop from Reba!!

And lastly, the uber-excitable and cooperative bichon frise, Sophie! Merci, Soph!

Thanks for stopping by and playing our game. Hope it brightened your Monday. Have a fantastic week!

another deer item

Remember the disturbing story of the frenzied fawn abusing horses innocently grazing in a pasture?  I know it hurt you to witness such things, but the drama needed to be exposed.  These crazy deer must be everywhere, because I ran across this photo of a fawn harassing a dog.  A sweet dog!  They have no shame…..these brazen fawns.

Please pray for this trusting dog. He has no idea what’s ahead of him.

(disclaimer: my obsession with continues unabated)

Are you suffering Olympic Withdrawal Syndrome?

The 2010 Winter Olympics….gone but never forgotten.  Fourteen sweet nights of gripping, dramatic television broadcasts.  Is it possible you are now suffering from Olympic Withdrawal Syndrome or OWS?  Here is a reliable diagnostic test to help you discover if you have the debilitating syndrome.
You might be a victim of OWS if you find yourself involved in any of the following activities:

Cranking up the theme from Love Story and getting lost in a little ‘ice dance dusting’.  You uncontrollably weep in the ‘kiss and cry’ area because you over-rotated your triple salchow around the easy chair.  You have sexy dreams involving Dick Button.

Craving the need for speed, you careen across the kitchen floor in your homemade luge.  Even though it is the fastest course you have ever raced (and you’re certain the Canadians constructed it as such to give themselves the advantage!), you are ecstatic and grateful to have made it safely through the 50-50.

Insisting the thermostat stay at a chilly 35 degrees, you compulsively curl the family dachshund. You shout ‘svamp-SVAMP’  (you think it means ‘score’, but later find out it is Swedish for ‘mushroom’) as she slides into her dog food bowl.  The dog now hides while you gaze lovingly at the untapped potential of your fancy granite counter tops.  Stupid American dog claims curling bores her…..really?

If you are diagnosed with OWS, shake that snow off your ski goggles and seek help immediately! Save yourself. Me?…’s too late for me. I’m preparing to ‘drop in’ the half pipe-I’m not talkin’ tabacco.

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