elf actualization

Santa and his perky elf made their yearly appearance at the retirement home Christmas Party.  The big guy doled out exciting door prizes to some lucky residents.
craig christmas 006
Joy watches Santa’s helper lead the group in a carol sing-a-long.
craig christmas 007
The elf marvelled at how strongly the folks sang when a microphone was suddenly thrust in front of them.
craig christmas 013
Lots of huggin’, lovin’, singin’, jingle-bell ringin’ and  general yuletide merriment.
craig christmas 003
The fun program was topped off with…..with…..


The Christmas Dogs!!
craig christmas 015
Christmas goldendoodle, Reba, was a little unsure.  In her humble opinion, Santa is loud, wears too much red and talks scary.  She couldn’t warm up to him.  She did wag her curly tail and she eagerly licked most of the residents.  She cheerfully modeled her ‘Merry Christmas’ fleece dog outfit.  She did her puppy best.

But the real star?  The dog who pants and whines to be in the Christmas limelight?  The adorable, waving bichon freee-say…….
craig christmas 014
The elf introduced her to the crowd and she proceeded (the dog) to wave her fat little paws off to choruses of  ‘Isn’t that the cutest thing?’ and ‘Awww’ and ‘She looks like snow!’ and other adoring comments.  We wondered as to her motivation for the great performance (she even ‘spoke’ on cue into the microphone!) this year.  The Sprout said Soph had been sitting in the dark, cold car and suddenly she entered a warm gay room with overwhelmingly delicious food odors.  At that moment, she realized she was born for the Christmas spotlight this day and she wasn’t going to let the parade pass her by.  Carpe diem, Soph!

When the program was over, Santa held Sophie and she graciously allowed everyone to stroke her curly, snow-white fur.  As if that performance wasn’t enough to win her the Christmas Oscar for a starring role for a bichon, she eagerly padded down the hall to the assisted living area.  There she greeted residents, while the elf passed out candy canes.  She even made a stop in the break room to greet a group of surprised card players. Her starring role was completed with a visit to the assisted living beauty shop. The elf realized she had been lucky to be in the presence of pure Christmas greatness. 

Thanks for sharing in the Christmas fun.
Here’s hoping you discover what YOU were born for this Christmas.
Special purpose love to all.