a teat-ering telecast

NEWSFLASH……..I can no longer ignore the boob tube.  After getting an Olympic update from NBC this morning, I switched to Fox News to get my political news hit.  I’m a news junkie and Fox is part of my drug cocktail.  Fox News is determined to get the scoop!  Oops….I mean show the scoop.

This is the sartorial norm for Fox’s beautiful female anchors. Think I’m kidding? Here is a photo of the following news show.

Don’t misunderstand, I think Miss Uma is gorgeous, articulate and quite intelligent, but this is not ‘take me seriously’ newscaster garb.  The dress is pretty (for a cocktail party) and I’d kill for ta-tas like that….but c’mon.  I enjoy the female anchors on Fox and they are quite accomplished, but I am just sick..to..death of their headlights being the headlines. Does Roger Ailes send a mammary memo to the news anchorettes demanding decolletage?  For everything there is a season, but Fox seems stuck with titillating cleavage copy. Let the ladies dress appropriately and impress us with real news knowledge, or better yet, let the hunky anchors broadcast in wife-beaters and speedos. I report, you decide!