american pawtriot

The problems started after this post.
First it was innocent questions like ‘how do you spell unalienable‘?  Or ‘can we watch the HBO series John Adams?‘  It progressed to her hounding me to drive to the library to check out The Federalist Papers……then it snowballed to last Monday.  That’s when she balked at her Whole Earth Organic Soy dog food.

Why aren’t you eating your dog food?

*Pointy nose in air*  I no longer care to observe Meatless Mondays.

But Roxy-Doxy, we agreed….we’re doing our part to prevent global warming and cut down on CO2 emissions in the form of bovine flatulence.
Global warming is a hoax.  Have you checked out the pictures of Al Gore’s new ocean-side mansion?

Doesn’t appear Al’s too worried about the rising ocean levels or how he’s going to earn his next massive speaking fee hyping the hoax!

Her sassy, self-confident tone stung my ears.  This wasn’t the Birkenstock-wearing, NYU-graduating canine I’d grown to love (she is acquaintances with the Olsen twins!).  I contemplated the sudden change in Doxy’s political views (while standing in front of the book shelf nonchalantly blocking her view of my copy of An Inconvenient Truth).  Where was the blissfully uninformed, so easy, so compliant….so…..moderate wiener dog? Studying her wiener behavior the past few weeks, a disturbing pattern began to emerge.
Like the hot day we came inside after an energetic game of tennis ball and

I found her at my desk reading The Drudge Report. 

Whateryou doing, Doxy??!
Can’t trust the lamestream media to tell the truth….gotta dig it out for yourself.
I’ve heard it’s right-wing and full of nothing but propaganda!
C’mon…wise up and smell the dogcrap…THAT’s what we’re being
sold on TV.

Another day, I was greeted with this shocking sight.


Nooooooooooo, haven’t you heard she’s a moron?  Can barely put a sentence together.  How could she possibly write a book?
Gotta respect a lady who can field-dress a moose.  Makes moose chili. Drives ice machines.  Don’t you think Todd’s a hottie??  I don’t care what she can see from her house-she’s a winner.  Wouldja get me a SARAH! bumper sticker for my dog bed??
She pronounces the title Growling Rogue.  Dimwit.

Speaking of field dressing a moose, I found Doxy nosing around this a day or two ago.

What do you think you’re doing, little lady?! 
Brushing up on calibers of ammunition for my NRA small-bore rifle competition.  I’m taking the test next week-hafta love the 2nd amendment!

Roxy, why the change in political views?  Ex-as-per-a-tion  I thought you were a registered blue-dog Democrat?  What’s up with the constitutional questions, monitoring Drudge, Sarah Palin, and NOW small-bore rifle ammo??!  Is it because the NAACP and the Democrats played the race card on the Tea-Party last week?  Is that the reason for switching to the ‘dark side’?  It disgusted you they played the race card?  Now, you’re becoming one of THEM?!
Cocking her head after listening intently to my questioning tirade, she wheeled around on her stubby doxy feet and hightailed it (ears flopping) to the game closet.  She rifled through the shelves, scurried to her piggy bank, raided the liquor cabinet, grabbed a cigarette and ran to the breakfast room table. OBSERVE the doxy mind at work:
So much for the race card.  I never claimed she was the sharpest rawhide in the doghouse.

Pawtriot love to all this week!

our burgeoning environmentalism: the wind turbine

A field of wind turbines in Vega, Texas.

Wildorado Wind Farm, Vega, TX

I’m not a fanatical environmentalist. I don’t care if you wear fur and drive an SUV. It’s your business. I’ll admit to something else that will guaran-damn-tee to label me loony. I don’t believe in global warming.  GASP!   I don’t think there is any verifiable scientific method to prove man-made activity is causing global warming or that global warming even exists. I think there have been cycles of warming and cooling during the existence of our 4.5 billion year-old earth (long before homo-sapiens drove cars on the face of it) and those cycles continue to this very day.

I do believe in a Creator of this universe. I believe we should each do our part (especially as technology progresses) to preserve the beauty and sustainability of our planet for future generations. I want to be a good steward of the gifts God has bestowed. Therefore, I thought some of our efforts (me and the Texan’s) might interest you.
Here are some positive environmental steps we have taken:

1.  Installing many, many…beaucoup… compact florescent bulbs in our home.  The Texan was obsessed over these bulbs!  I didn’t like them.  I thought they added more mercury to the environment.  I thought they gave off dim light and took a long time to warm up.  The Texan is methodical and persistent.  He kept after me….the technology has improved and he keeps adding them to replace the old incandescent bulbs.  I play along for the most part.
2. Adding extra insulation to the attic.
3. Having an energy company evaluate areas of heat loss in our home. We have shored up our doors with heavy-duty weather stripping.  It keeps the cold north wind from blowing through our house.
4. Replacing most of the single-paned windows in our 1960’s era home with low E double-paned windows. We have done this over time and it has not come cheaply. This summer, we replaced all of the windows in our sun room.

5. Installing our very own…..ta-dah!….wind turbine. The Texan started to see some of these cropping up in our area. He made inquiries and before I knew it, the tower was going up!  Here is the technician working on the blades.  Looks like a tight squeeze….be careful!

This is what the turbine looked like being pulled up.

Proudly standing guard behind our home.

Did you know we live in the 3rd windiest city in the United States? Home wind turbine = good call?!

We have enjoyed the mesmerizing ‘hum…hum’ and we pat ourselves on the back for joining the energy-saving brigade. The turbine itself was expensive and it generates (on average) a savings of about $30./month on our electric bill. It will pay for itself in 30+ years! Whatevs…..we think the thing is cool.

What are you doing around your home to lessen energy consumption/costs?