maui gallery: 1

I drank Mai Tai’s ’til volcano Haleakala looked flat. Can you blame me? It is their state drink, after all.

It was our bucket-list trip. Figured we’d endure the loooong flight time to explore this lovely island.

I could gush on and on, but I think I’ll let the photos tell my story. Pour yourself some pineapple juice and dark rum. I’m placing a fragrant lei around your neck in warm welcome. You with me?

We went to Maui to support the Son-in-Law as he competed in this race. It’s called xterra, cuz you have to be xxxtra strong to even think about entering one of these events.

Our intrepid athlete as he prepares to face the angry ocean.  We suffered through a tsunami warning the night before. You heard me right…..TSUNAMI.  A long night of evacuations!
The SIL made it through the swim. Now, he only has to bike 5000 miles in the forest and run 100 miles up and down the volcano. Then, he has to open a coconut with his bare hands to complete his test! He’s xxxxxtra strong, alright!
This challenged athlete was an inspiration to watch. You go, girl!!

There was plenty of time for a relaxing swim in the pool while Daddy was competing.

Blessedly arriving at the finish line with medal and lei around neck.

Spike, the African crane who lived at our hotel.

Hey, watch it Spike! Baby G is not crane food.

How many folks return from Hawaii with a hair tattoo? Can you spot the typical Hawaiian greeting in Sprout #1’s hair? This haircut caused quite the commotion everywhere he went. Wonder how this went over with the cowboys when he returned to West Texas? Love this Sprout to death!
My healing left wrist even played golf with the Texan. Wonderful!

The Middle Sprout and I arose at 3 a.m. to drive up the winding, nausea-inducing road to historic Haleakala volcano to see the sunrise. The name means ‘House of the Sun’. The area below the clouds is a massive crater….it’s bigger than the island of Manhattan.

The sunrise. Praise be to God! Now I know why the ancients thought of this as a sacred place.

Turn around 180 degrees and I experience the moon setting over the bay. Sublime, isn’t it?

I have some other special things I want to share with you. That’s why I’m planning a Maui gallery: 2. Keep the Mai Tai ingredients handy, OK?

You don’t want to miss out on mysteries like this:

Did I chain myself to the tree so I’d never have to leave the Maui rainforest? Did I want to extract some orange pigment from this cool tree to make the perfect red-hair dye for myself? Was I describing the circumference of my mid-section after downing at least 2 Mai-Tais every day?

Thanks for sharing and letting me re-live my Maui experience with you. I will post part deux real soon.


Top-‘o-the-volcano love to all.


So much news….so little time.

Made the drive to the Dallas area to visit Sprout #3 and play a little golf with the Texan. I was struck by the increased greening of the countryside as we drove further southeast. Praise God Texas is getting some rain! We’ve had some good rains in central Texas and we’re beginning to see (maybe?) the loosening grip of the devilish drought.

No spring-time trip in Texas is complete without the obligatory photo of the bluebonnets. The Sprout and Texan coaxed me out of the car to pose in this field of road-side wildflowers. As I knelt down to get close to bursting blooms for the photo, I THOUGHT I heard the Sprout yelling, ‘Be sexy!’ Therefore, I obediently laid on my side and gave the Texan my best sexy pout for the camera-phone. When I returned to the car, the disgusted Sprout explained he was shouting, ‘DON’T be sexy!’
Must have been the noise of traffic whizzing by….or old age. Can’t. help. myself.
I thought you’d enjoy seeing my blue photo.

Kinda looks like Grandma forgot to take her Miralax

 While were were in Big D, the grandson attended his first NCAA March Madness basketball game in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He saw his Mom’s alma mater, Baylor, beat Colorado. Sic ’em Bears!

His KK got him the Baylor T-Shirt

Maybe next year he can fill out his bracket IF he has the cash.

Driving back to Amarillo, we stopped at a cool trailer place. You see, I’ve been without horse-wheels for a while now. It’s complicated, but I sold my truck and trailer years ago and relied on my horse trainer to haul my horse to shows for me. He moved downstate and I was left with horses, but no way to haul them. The Texan helped me solve this dilemma. I can borrow his red truck and pull this sweet little number down the road.


Thank you, Texan. xoxo

Now….for the most splendiforous news. Steady yourself. Really.


Sprout #3 (first in our hearts!) asked darling J to marry him!

The handsome couple in Cabo last year

We think it’s the smartest thing he’s ever done. We ADORE her. We’re giddy with excitement for these two extraordinary young people. Guess that means there’s gonna be a wedding! Fun times. We feel profoundly blessed.

Thanks for sharing all this news with me, kind reader. I couldn’t wait to tell you this stuff!

Bluebonnet-y love to all.

run for your life

Played golf in the Land of Enchantment last weekend.  The scenery, food, company and golf courses were first rate.  Some of the signs around the course amused me.

Does the Texan look like he is staying aware or does he look scared s**tless?  He ain’t afraid of no venomous snakes!

Moi….staying aware.  They really don’t want you to waste time looking for lost balls.   Snakes here, don’t bother searching for errant balls….move along.  Be aware-not afraid or running around like a chicken with his head chopped off!   Calm awareness is key.
Here are some other potential dangers to bring to your awareness.  Try NOT to be frightened.


Sorry, Texan.


Caught this criminal one evening while I was trying to trap ANOTHER feral cat who shows interest coming in my doggie door. I released him for good behavior…he inhabits the hill behind my house.

Fair! 114a

This awareness poster somehow reminds me of the next awareness poster.

Fair! 007a

No blog post is complete without

card shark1

The card shark wiener dog!  I KNEW you’d complain if I didn’t include her in your awareness.

self portraits 062

Be VERY afraid.  Run for your life…….


Remember…..practice calm, safe awareness the remainder of this week. Hopefully, you won’t meet a rattlesnake or a runaway golf cart.  Stay safe, people.