doppelganger dolls

Never cared much for dolls.  I was more of a singin’, dancin’, makin’ up plays sort of drama kid.

To tell you the truth, dolls kinda creep me out.  Any of you remember the Twilight Zone episode with Agnes Morehead, where the little alien people landed on her roof?  She went nuts and tried to kill the little folks (looked like dolls to me) with a butcher knife?

Pediophobia (fear of dolls) must be universal.

Need any proof other than the ghoulish Chucky movie series?

Chucky in Child’s Play #3!

Isn’t he getting more and more adorable?  So loveable, he took an evil bride.

Who could forget Seed of Chucky…a very bad seed, indeed.

****best Rod Serling voice imitation****
Imagine, if you will, my shock and utter horror when I was confronted with these 2 characters at our office recently.

Over my screaming and the embarassing puddle on the carpet, the middle Sprout struggled to explain…….

Mom, they’re dolls of me and GP from

See…..they make dolls to your likeness.  Can you tell that GP is dressed as a triathlete-sunglasses, swimming goggles and cool Ironman outfit?

I dunno about doppelganger dolls.  Seems kinda sinister, Sprout.

Can you guess who had -0 temps last night, with 50mph winds and lots of snow?
  Beastly abomindable snow dolls!

OK, Sprout.  Promise me you’ll keep them away from the DVR.  You’re a goner if you see Chucky on your Netflix bill.

Snowy love to all you Chicken Wing dolls.