why are we here?

Not why are we here…on earth, but rather why are we here at On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer in the blogosphere?  I can’t answer for you.  I need to answer for myself.

I’m trying to ‘step-up’ my bloggy skills, so I’m asking myself deep, angst-evoking questions about blogging.  I know why I’m here in that I like communicating, I enjoy other people’s blogs, and I have a story to tell.  The $64,000 question, the one that makes my head spin and my mouth spew forth pea soup like the girl in the Exorcist is this one:

WHAT IS YOUR BLOG’S NICHE?  Hell, I barely know what a neeesh is.  Why is it always easier to describe what you are NOT as opposed to what you ARE.  For example:

This is not a mommy blog….although I answer to ‘Mom’.
This is not a photography blog….although I like to take pictures.  I’m a NOOO-VIS..that means beginner.
This is not a techie blog….although I sometimes write about my cell phone, my adventures in shaving and my Keurig.
This is not, REPEAT NOT a menopause blog….my stat page says one of the popular Google searches for this blog is ‘chicken wing hot flashes’.  I googled it….guess what comes up?  Dear reader….kindly accept my deepest heartfelt apologies.  I TRY not to whine, but sometimes…..oh, you know.
It’s not an animal blog.  It’s not a horse blog.  Chicken Wing is not a dog blog, a hog blog, a grog blog or a frog blog

oooops…busted.  By the by, I took this photo…you likey?
Maybe I do compose ditties about frogs (you won’t believe my upcoming frog post!) but it’s only the most cutting-edge, cool, fashion-forward frog stuff.

So, I’ll keep working on my NEEESH and my About page.  News flash to me…..the About page is supposed to be interesting and catchy?…..can interestingness be increased by changing font colors??  We’ll see.

Maybe my NEEESH has something to do with humor.  A satirical martini with just a splash of spirituality?  And fun.  Fowl tales and cock and bull stories?  And dogs….a wienee martini?

We’ll figure it out together.  Thanks for stopping by, whatever your reason.  You enrich my life.  No joke.

Fashion-forward frog love to all.

natal day update

Fun celebrations of natal days this weekend.  Saturday night we ate out with friends to celebrate the Texan’s birthday.  Yes…his bday is the day before mine.  Makes me realize all the astrological, zoodiacal stuff is pure whooey.  The Texan and I are BOTH Libras??  There’s no end to the joke “I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.  Why….yes I was!”  That phrase is the Texan’s fave.

My Sunday natal day started with a surprise gift……a KINDLE!  The Texan really outdid himself this year.  Wow.  I’m gobsmacked.  What a great present.
Then to church.  Lunch with Grandma at the retirement center.  Took a little stroll with the Sprouts around the retirement home pond.  We were marvelling at the CRR-AY-ZEE leaping, chirping frogs.  As we walked around the pond, the frogs would let out a loud chirp just before they plunged into the water.  It amused me to no end, those chirping frogs.  Tallyho…..plop!  I’d never seen anything like it.
Then home, where the wiener dog had a nice birthday surprise for me.
All together now……AWWWWWWW.  A very thoughtful wiener-dog moment.  She breathlessly informed me she had a Chuckie Cheese pizza party planned for me and the Texan.  She was a little bummed when I told her the Sprouts were taking us to Saltgrass for dinner and they don’t accept dachshunds at Saltgrass.  She looks stricken, doesn’t she?  Don’t worry…a rousing game of tennis ball and she had forgotten all about it!
Some things I know on my birthday:
1.  I am blessed
2.  My Sprouts are great.
3.  I need to make a sling for my face.  Why has my face gotten so lazy?  I always find it hanging around my jawline.
4.  Doxies are huge party-planners.
5.  I’m hanging black muslin over my mirror.
6.  I want to get better.
7.  Thank you God, for hormones.
8.  I want people to see less of me and more of Him.
9.  The Texan can still surprise me.
10.  Yup.  I’m blessed
Leaping frog love to all this week.