calico barn cat

Hardcore readers of Chicken Wing will remember my most disturbing post:  the saga of the offending hairball.  This event scarred me.  I’ve had reoccurring hot flashes and tinnitis ever since the hairball incident.  Sent me running for my allergy medicine.  For the ring worm medicine.  For the flea exterminator.  It turned Roxy-Doxy into a Glenn Beck fan-that’s how scarring it was!!!

Because of this story, many of my readers have inquired if I was in the U.K. recently.  Was I the sought-after lady villian who threw the sweet kitty in the trash?  See the indefensible deed for yourself.
Warning:  not for real kitty lovers…you may find yourself wanting to throw the bag lady in the trash can-feel free to launch rotten tomatoes at your computer screen.


Look closely.  Is it moi?  Has my mistrust of felines driven me to a life of dastardly refuse-can crime on another continent?