the end

In honor of the official last week of summer, I am; scaling the highest mountain of potato salad, cranking homemade ice cream til my bulging bicep drops off, cramming my teeth-gaps with buttered corn on the cob, and piling the stinkiest sauerkraut on a giant juicy brat.  Go ahead Texan, and fire up the Margarator!  ***come to Mama, Tums***

Since summer is fading, let’s sing Kumbayah around the campfire and remember all the special moments we shared this summer.  You with me?  Kum-ba-yah my lord, kum-ba-yah, kum……………..

Summer unveiled in glorious pinkness and a wickedly nasty rash appeared in:  suffering for my art.  Ah, the early days of summer and the anticipation of fresh tomatoes!  Those were the days when yard work was fun-before the disease known as ‘tomato wilt’.

Summer isn’t complete without several jaunts to the crisp, cool mountains of Colorado.  You hiked with fishing-dog, jumping-dog, and rolling-in-poop-dog around the serene lakes in:   a mountain walk-the dog’s eye view.

Still in the mountains, events took a dark and sinister turn in:  mountain mysteries

Your hair-do suffered as you braved the heat and humidity of South Carolina where we visited a swamp and ate fried green tomatoes in:  ah do duh-cla-yuh!! swamp things!

In July, we worried over Roxy-Doxy and her sudden penchant for guns and gambling in:  american pawtriot

You went for a swim with the Doxy in August.  We learned what a wiener dog in a life vest has to do with the Serenity Prayer.  Huh?  All this and a sickeningly frightful cat video in:  don the life vest.

You endured my INSUFFERABLE puns in:  new dog breeds.  Please accept my deepest apologies.  No one should screw around with the Shih Tzu breed that much.    Friends?

There’s more…but those are some of my favorite moments with you in Summer 2010.   Here’s counting on our adventures continuing through the rest of the year.

Thanks for being a part of Summer 2010 at On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer.  Wishing you and yours a fantastic Labor Day weekend.  Please stay tuned for our Fall adventures..
Labor Day love to all.

don the life vest

My friend, Jen, sent me this awesomely awesome video.  I’m convinced a film maker was deeply moved by my recent post: the saga of the OFFENDING HAIRBALL (the feral cat sneaking in my doggie door and trying to murder me, the Texan and Doxy.  And give us ringworm!) and made this video as a lasting tribute.  YOU MUST WATCH IT!!  Now.  It’s short.  Have your Depends ready.

short cat video

Thanks, Jen.  Give me just a second to clean this milk off my monitor.  Geez..I haven’t had anything spew out my nostrils since grade school!  Yeah, thanks a lot…….sniff, sniff

On to other matters.
If you fall in the water, I hope you have a kind hand

AND a trusty life vest to help you out. 
Buckle up your life vest….it’s going to be a watery ride!  wha-ha-ha-ha!!

I’ve been thinking about one of my ‘life vests’.  Something I strap on regularly to help me swim.  It’s so SIMPLE….yet that is the beauty of it.  All of you probably already know it.  It’s the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

There’s more to it, but that’s the jist of it.   Serenity…..sounds so inviting.  So NOT like the world we live in.  The prayer has helped me survive many a watery pickle.  I’m a big believer simple is better.  Even in prayers.  Don’t know what to pray?  Don’t worry about being fancy….just try this.

Life-vesty love to all this week.