take a closer look

Think I vastly overestimated my brain’s learning capacity by purchasing a Nikon d3000 SLR camera.  Some days I’m getting it, other days…..well, not so much.  There are mulititudes of details involved in operating this camera and then throw in processing the shots in Photoshop Elements!  It’s lots of new stuff to learn and I’m the type to beat myself up for not understanding how to operate these things.  Oh, the struggles and travails of attempting to be a life-long learner…….

Instead of flogging myself with a wet tube sock or sorrowfully eating boatloads of mini-marshmallows, I’ll share some of my recent photos with you.  I’ve been concentrating on macro shots.  Pioneer Woman is having a macro photo contest.  My pics never make it among her favorites.  However, this photographic endeavor has forced me to slow down and look at things more closely.  The joy is the journey….remember?  Truly observe.

Here is a macro shot of a hibiscus. See what beauty lies within?
The youngest sprout played with these small, magnetic beads on a recent trip.
My horse’s ears. We’re off the road for now. He has an injury and needs time to heal. Bummer….I love riding this horse. Lord willing, we shall return!!

This shot is full of loveliness and grace. It makes me happy.
Doesn’t get any more beautiful than this…..my nephew’s baby!
This next subject has a considerably different profile. Wiener dogs have the funniest shapes and angles.  What was the Creator thinking?!
I’m not so proficient with my photoshop skills, but this is one of my favorites. This is my grand-dog, Rose. The color and the processing remind me of photos from my childhood.  Wish I could remember how I achieved it.  Sort of a 1950’s or 1960’s dog shot. My daughter-in-law says the angle makes Rose look like Wile E. Coyote.  What do you think??
OK, so sue me. You KNEW there’d be more dachshund shots, didn’t you?? This photo captures Roxy-Doxy perfectly. It just reeks of EARNESTNESS, don’t you think?  Wiener dogs are supremely earnest creatures.

Thanks for looking at the photos. They may not be award-winning, but they inspire and remind me to keep taking a closer look and appreciate the loveliness of the small things. Exceedingly wonderful things surround us. I’m enjoying my journey.  Hope you are enjoying yours as well.