in the meantime-part deux

Bringing in the groceries after a big trip to the local walmarks with Grandma last week.  Looking out my kitchen window, I spotted sparklies.  Dragonflies!  They are unusual in these parts, but we’ve had a rainy, humid and hot summer and these things were everywhere.  Groceries needing to be put away?  What groceries?  Where’s my camera?
In the meantime, I snapped him/her. This handsome d-fly is hiding behind a yucca stalk. He’s playing coy.
What can be said about this color? Brilliant, shiny, glistening…..turquoisey.
blue dragonfly
Adore this photo so much I erupt in panting with spontaneous hot flashes.  No….wait…..have I been missing my daily premarin dose?  Whatevs….the d-fly is breathtaking.
Came inside….putting walmarks groceries away ***drudgery***.  Me wee mind wonders if there are any sparkling d-flys in the FRONT yard in my flowerbed?  (Do I have ADHD, you ask?  Quite possibly.  I’ve heard all the most gifted, tormented artists suffer with it)  I re-grabbed my camera, opened the front door and I stumble over this guy.  I kid you not!
praying mantis
I’ve heard of heart-shaped faces, but this is ridiculous.  Hel-lo….did I interrupt your prayers?  Kindly pray for my forgiveness.  Carry on.
My meantimes have been photogenic lately.  Sometimes the meantimes are funner than the realtimes.  Youknowwhadimean?  What’s lurking in your meantime?
Insecty Breathtaking turquoise love to you this week!