mid-week fun quiz

Time for a mid-week quiz!!
C’mon, take it….it will be fun and only take a minute.

1.  Did you ever let your young ‘uns jump on a trampoline (the old-school kind with NO safety nets) while throwing a basketball at them and calling it ‘dodgeball’?
____Of course.  It’s all in good fun.  No different than letting the babies roll around in the back of the Suburban like bowling balls.
____No way!  I think 1980’s parenting styles sucked.

2.  Are you a cat or a dog person?

3.  Have you ever eaten fried green tomatoes?
____No, I’m generally against the use of searing, hot grease to kill innocent tomatoes.
____Yes, but I’ve never read Fannie Flag’s book.

4.  Have you ever left for vacation and carefully and diligently secured your doggie door….then a couple of days later had your ‘housewatcher’ come over to bring in the mail….only to discover you’ve locked the feral cat INSIDE your house?
____No, do I look like a total idiot?
____That story is so terrifying, I just popped a Valium.
____I can quote you the cost of carpet cleaning and flea infestation spraying.

5.  Are you a ‘mountain’ or an ‘ocean’ person?
____I suffer from severe altitude sickness.
____I went swimming with JoJo, the dolphin.
____Any place serving alcohol, I’m there!

6.  Have you ever trapped a cat in a ‘live’ trap?
____Three-day old tuna salad is the best bait!
____Sicko!  How could you trap Garfield?

7.  Do you sometimes pass gas with no warning?  I mean, with no warning that it was coming?  Out, that is.   And you surprise yourself?  NO warning at all?
____I clip and hoard ‘Beano’ coupons.

____The government has slapped me with a CO2 tax.
____So, that WAS you?

8.  Are you a PETA member, but sometimes harbor evil, twisted thoughts about extinguishing cats?
____They say one can always spot a serial killer psycopath by the way one treats animals.
____No.  And no, you cannot look in my Maytag.

9.  Do you still suffer from acne?
____My spouse is suspicious of me and the UPS delivery person.  Proactive comes every 2 weeks.
____Hope there’s benzoyl peroxide in the rest home!
____I can’t see my face well enough to discern if I have acne.  Do I??

10.  Have you ever grown a yellow squash as big as your wiener?

____No…but I’ve grown one as large as my Shih-Tsu. 
____Squash tastes better grown no longer than 6 inches.
____Why are we discussing this?

How did you do?  Feel free to leave a comment or discuss amongst yourselves.  Well…..except #7.  That can be for your own edification.
Keep having a great week!  Quizzy love to all.

new quiz: dog or dishrag?!

Welcome to Dog or Dishrag? The quirky, heart-pumping game that asks you to discern canines from common household objects!!  

Kept the grand-dogs this weekend and we had loads o’ fun.  We prepared this challenging brain teaser for you.  C’mon and play along with us…you know you want to!

RULES:  the term ‘dog’ means anything canine.  The term ‘dishrag’ means ANYTHING RELATED TO HOUSEHOLD CLEANING-not necessarily a literal, physical dishrag.  I could have called this quiz Canines and Cleaning Products, but it didn’t have the jazz of Dog or Dishrag?.  That’s my humble opinion, anyway.

I’m not offering any prizes…..yet.  Maybe someday.  Your astute observations are your own reward.  So, put on those  bifocals and play the thrilling game…..is it a Dog or a Dishrag?



dog or dishrag?










How did you do?  Warned you it was challenging!  Feel free to take a deep cleansing breath to calm and center yourself.    Now…here are the answers:

1.  dishrag-steel wool
2.  dog
3.  dishrag-swiffer
4.  dog
5.  dishrag-mop
6.  dog
7.  dishrag-squeegee
8.  dishrag-steel wool brush.  This photo grossed me out-almost didn’t post it.  Notice the roach carcasses clinging to the brush?  Disgusting…sprayed it with Raid, threw it out…..called the exterminator.  Sorry you had to see that.  Yep, that’s the cleanliness of my house.

9.  Trick question…dog WITH dishrag.  heh-heh  

10. dishrag-duster
Hope you got 100%, you smarty!  Let’s take a moment to thank our canine models:

Puppy golden doodle, Reba! Thanks, Reba….hey, what’s that in your mouth?

The lovely and talented Roxy-Doxy protecting the mop from Reba!!

And lastly, the uber-excitable and cooperative bichon frise, Sophie! Merci, Soph!

Thanks for stopping by and playing our game. Hope it brightened your Monday. Have a fantastic week!