monday fire up

The West Texas weekend was………fun and very west texas-y.  Had the Sprouts and some friends over on Sunday.  We had a big shootfest, or as I fondly say-a gunapalooza-out in the boonies (not far from our house).

Be very afraid, green bucket. 
Mama’s got a rifle.
Our friend is a police officer and it was a fine opportunity to shoot with someone who is extremely knowledgeable in all things rifle and handgun.  I enjoy target practice.  Sounds crazy, but I find target shooting kind of relaxing.  I’m grateful to B…the officer…for fielding all my questions and helping me with safety issues.  I am grateful for heroes like B who work to make our community safe.  Do I hear a BOO-YAH?!

Out here, in the land of no trees, the sky is the THING.  It’s what we look at.  There is nothing else.  Mother Nature did not disappoint.

Once it got too dim to shoot safely, our eyes turned to the sky for the big show.  God’s majesty was on full display and we stared in slack-jawed awe.

Back to our house for a dinner of undercooked meatloaf and kinda crunchy undone scalloped potatoes.  Thank God for microwaves!  Drink enough red wine and everything tastes gourmet.

I don’t write about cooking too much on this blog.  Love to cook, but there are others who are excellent at cooking and writing about it.  My friend…I’ll call her little V, taught me a tasty lesson I want to share with you.  Whilst little V was making coffee-flavored brownies this summer, she reached for the chunky sea salt to add to the recipe. 

“Little V….WHY are you adding chunky sea salt?  Are you crazy?  The salt won’t be dispersed throughout the brownie….what are you thinking?”   (Sadly, I talk  like this to little V sometimes)
My bitchy, controlling food-Nazi kitchen habits are hard to break and little V is a saint.  She replied,
“That’s the point.  You taste this patch of saltiness in the middle of the chocolate flavor.  It’s delicious!” 
Sounded stupid to me, but I did something I rarely do….shut up.  After dinner, we enjoyed what had to be the most astounding dessert of the summer, oh hell….the entire YEAR.  Warm, oozy coffee-flavored brownies with ice cream.  They were astounding, cuz your taste bud would happen upon these unexpected zones of  heavenly saltiness.  We talked of this dessert for WEEKS!  Little V is a genius.  Thank you my friend!!
Why am I sharing this NOW, you inquire??  Cuz I did this same thing with regular ol’ chocolate chip cookies yesterday as a dessert to my hugely undercooked meal.  I used chunky sea salt in the recipe instead of regular table salt.  I can’t tell you what a fantastic difference this made in the cookies.  You must, must try this in your next brownie or cookie recipe.  Be bold.  Roll the cooking dice.  The holidays are approaching.  If you do this, let me know if you can taste a difference.  I could…..and I’m never turning back!
Hope you hit the mark today.  Big sky love to all.