pie happiness

Wind has been been blowin’ in West Texas. On days when the wind is whistlin’ out here on the High Plains, it’s nice to have an indoor activity prepared. My activity yesterday was making lemon meringue pies for a special in-law birthday. #6-0!!

Consulted the old Betty Crocker cookbook. Do you have one of these relics? This is circa 1975-before feminism.

Wanna see my pie? Of course you do!

Used a Pioneer Woman pie crust recipe, but I adjusted the fat ratio to 2 to 1 butter to crisco. This recipe had a little bit of vinegar in it. The food processor is the only way to go in mixing pie crusts, but pie crust is always a messy proposition for me. You should’ve seen the flour and the parchment paper flying around the kitchen.

Hot heaven in a pan.

The filling. This is where I consulted Betty Crocker. Lots of egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch and freshly-squeezed lemons. I might have licked this pan clean with a spatula…by myself since the Texan was at work. Sorry, Texan.

Beating, beating, and beating egg whites until they are stiff and glossy.

Ta-dah! The paaahs. Aren’t they gorgeous? See why I was excited to show them to you? The in-law was very happy to have these for his birthday….oh, and the taste! The taste was lemony sweetness surrounded by a flaky crust and topped with a heavenly (not too sweet) meringue. The textures were sublime and the flavor sensations amazing, even if I do say so myself! ***patting myself proudly on the back*** Fun times with the in-laws.

In case you were wondering about my security…making pies out in the rural-ness of West Texas and all, you needn’t have feared.

Can you spot the guard dog on her couch perch?

Roxy Doxy was looking out the bedroom window keeping constant vigil making certain our house is protected and I can make pies in blessed peace.

She keeps her squeaky squirrel nearby in case she gets bored.

See? I’m very well-guarded.

Do I smell pie?

A sleepy Roxy Doxy:
What does Lin-sanity mean?

An exasperated me:
Knock off watching Sports Center, will you? Come help me clean the kitchen…I might have a sticky pan you can lick!

Lemony love to all.

mid-week quiz

Time for a visual acuity test!

Are you ready for a challenge?

Try this one without your glasses.


What ‘thing’ doesn’t belong?

It’s difficult, so take your time.

You may have to study the image carefully.

Ready…..what thing doesn’t belong?


pez, pez, pez, doxy, pez, pez, pez

Here’s the answer to the problem:

Speedy Gonzales, Tweety Bird (doesn’t belong…only non-mammal), Garfield the Cat, Roxy-Doxy, Snoopy, Odie, and Eeyore.

How did you do?

Thanks for taking the mid-week quiz.  Now, carry on.

Remember…love always belongs in the picture…sending love to you for the rest of your week.

the horses is coming!!

No matter how hard she tries, she can never fill their horseshoes.

I’ve been pining for my horses. You see, back in late November my horse-trainer decided to move down state. It was a difficult problem for me:  I wanted to keep the horses close but I didn’t have the resources or the time to deal with them. Mom was getting sicker and I had zero spare time to manage or clean up after horses. I made the decision to let them move with the trainer, until I could make some rational decision in the future.

Death and dying are outstanding refiners of attitude. Through Mom’s illness I missed being with my horses….missed being outside, missed touching their muzzles, missed the stress relief riding a great horse can be for me.

The wiener dog instinctively knew I had a horse-shaped hole in my heart. She gamely tried to humor me. She patiently endured my enthusiastic demonstration of how to make a cool cowboy string halter.

Isn’t she having fun?

See, Roxy-Doxy….with just a little bit of soft rope, a creative cowboy can make an effective horse-leading device!

Don’t ask her about the day I hand-galloped her around the circle driveway.

Lucky for the wiener…the horses is coming! the horses is coming!! I’ve been planning. Death has made me realize how much I truly and deeply enjoy my equines. I don’t want them out of my life…..yet. (sorry, Texan…he thinks horses are expensive!) They will be returning around the middle of this month.

happy times at a horse show in Albuquerque, NM

I’m giddy. Can’t wait to brush and lead and ride and get horse kisses and be outside with friends.

Roxy-Doxy is glad, too. She wasn’t looking forward to feeling these in her sides.

I hope you are spurred to achieve great things this week!

Rope halter love to all.