me, myself & I monday

Every self-respecting photographer has a kick-ass self portrait.  Have you looked at some of the self portraits on Flickr?  They are amazing and inspiring.  Mine…..not so much.  Baby steps with the camera, baby steps with the camera, baby steps with life in general……baby steps trying to move forward. 
For your Monday viewing pleasure, dear reader-friend, I present my first attempt at self portraiture.

What did I learn other than taking self portraits is harder than eating saltines and whistling?  Does the word self portrait require an ‘ – ‘??  Tell me, English majors.  The mirror is NOT my friend (I’m covering you with newspaper, Mr. Mirror!) and printing photos in black and white and ‘blowing them out’ a little takes away wrinkles.  Oh, and I could use an eye lift.
I’m having an inspiration about a project.  Maybe I’ll get the nerve to share with you soon.
Look in the mirror and accept the love.  Have a fine week.  Thanks for stopping by.