up before dawn

Yeah, you heard me…up before dawn a while back to help with gathering cattle.  To verify the ‘before dawn’ part I took my camera along for photographic proof.
Rom at daylight

Seems the Texan and I are such incredibly talented cattle drivers with super-Ninja advanced horsemanship skills we were asked to…….we were asked to.……drive the feed truck and honk the horn.  For the uninitiated, driving the feed truck and honking the horn is seriously critical work.  The cattle have been fed from the truck for weeks leading up to shipping day.  When they see that truck at daybreak and hear the horn, they come a’runnin’.  The cowboys hardly have to do anything!
The Texan and I jump when the Big Sprout (our #1) allows asks us to help with any ranch task.  It gives us opportunity to highlight our mad feed-truck drivin’, horn a’honkin’ skillz.  See how the cattle magically follow us??  Just call us St. Francis of Assissi.

The Texan is checking out the cattle in the pens.  I told him this photo made him look too skinny.  Why do some folks lose their butts as they age? 

In the pens, there was cow counting and sorting going on.  The Big Sprout’s reliable wife helped get the cattle through the chute and up the ramp into the cattle truck.

The Big Sprout was opening and closing gates, shouting instructions and getting a head count at the same time.
Here’s the Texan and the Big Sprout discussing the numbers…..weights, shipping, and trucks.

Father and son….nice, isn’t it? I am blessed. A beautiful morning. Thanks for sharing it with me.