search for Spring

On a mission to document Spring! Grabbed the camera and tromped around the homestead with my wiener sidekick to take killer, artistic shots of the emerging season. I envisioned tender buds on shrubs, trees preparing to burst forth and shy crocus revealing their purple crowns above the snow.  I desired to show you, my fellow chicken-wingers, the gloriousness of the changing seasons.

Sniffing out Spring

What I found:  dead (or gravely injured) nandina, boxwoods with brown and frost-damaged leaves, and a couple of brave daffodil bulbs peeking up only to have their green tops brutalized by the recent cold snaps. Who wants to see a photo of such winter’s carnage?? Not me.
Spring seems far, far away.

Like a distant galaxy.  Like Pluto.  It’s there, but we can’t see it with the naked (I said naked!!) eye.

I’m sure it’s charging up the hill, streaking like a meteor.

But I must use the telescope to catch a glimpse.  Hey!….did you just see that….that shooting star??

The reminders of Winter are so…..ever-present.

And the promise of Spring is still just that…..a promise.

Winter and grayness are still the focus.  Spring may be coming….but it’s blurry.

And it’s carrying a ball.

Anticipatory love to all.

witnessing miracles

C’mon and take a peek.
My friend’s brand new foal-2 days old. Look at those long legs!

Staying close to the food source

Look at the milk bubbles on her mouth

This mare is a very devoted mom

Her little head is perfect

I’m gobsmacked….speechless……amazed…..grateful.  It’s beginning isn’t it?  Do you feel it?  Spring!