excuse to stay home

Most of my friends would describe me as an extrovert.  I enjoy talking to people, don’t freak-out in a party crowd and don’t possess a fear of public speaking (this previous post explains).  However, what makes my heart leap is glimpsing this warm light from my front window.  Home.  It means the Texan, the wiener, the talking bird, and the craggy hill rising behind the house are waiting to welcome me.

Are you making preparations for the upcoming holiday season?  I am.  I’d gladly spend day after bustling day here if I could.  Baking, putting up decorations, organizing closets and cabinets….my homebody side surprises me sometimes.

Today we have our constant West Texas companion-Mr. Wind.  He’s feeling blustery and bold today.  He might even enjoy ripping my car door from it’s hinges if he had a chance.  Think I’ll deprive him of that opportunity and just stay home as long as possible today.  In your face, Mr. Wind!

Hope you carry the warm light of home in your heart today.  Midweek love to all.