early-emergent polyester toxicity

I think I’ve found the origin of my heart problem.

The racing, thumping and quick starting and stopping.

Some doctors say I was probably born with mitral valve prolapse syndrome, but I’m not too sure.

While cleaning out some of my mother’s stuff, I ran across THIS damnable photo.

It’s enough to scare the bejesus out of ya!

I think it started my heart palpitations.

Not to mention the number it did on my visual acuity.

Don’t look if you are prone to seizures.

Or, if you have a sensitive stomach.

Or, if you’ve ever read ANYTHING by Tim Gunn!

That’s right….the Texan!!  He’s responsible.

His checked (skin-tight…woo-hoo) polyester pants.

I was only 19 and the sight of this must have overwhelmed my sensitive cardiovascular and neurological systems. 

It feels so good to place blame where blame is due.

Now, go wash your eyes out with saline.  Grab a National Geographic and stare at the pictures (the topless ones are probably the best).  Anything to erase this troubling image.  Don’t want YOU to end up like me.

Checkered love to all.