I would gladly tell you what the Texan and I did in Las Vegas last weekend, but then I’d have to kill you.

Not really. Our trip was tame, but fun. We met up with our delightful Sprout #3 for some R & R.

I’ll let the photos speak.

Played some golf. This was the Primm Desert Course about 45 miles south of Las Vegas. The weather was perfect….the scores, not so much. Can you say un-du-la-ting?
The flowers in Vegas never fail to inspire me. This is the Bellagio lobby. For some reason, I think I can re-create these in my own home. uh-huh
Not amoebas! This is the Chihuly ceiling in the Bellagio.
For reasons unknown to me, there were giant blue and orange mushrooms in the Bellagio.
Using the Texan to give you some idea of the huge-ness of these ‘shrooms.
No lobby is complete without a ladybug display. Right?
More fantastic florals at the Aria hotel in City Center. See the two photo-bombers?
Was mesmerized by these scrolling phrases outside the Aria.
I simply could NOT look away!
I simply could NOT look away!
Word art! This is my favorite.

Sorry not to have photos of us dining in SW Steakhouse at the Wynn watching the serene Lake of Dreams. Should’ve snapped a pic of the amazingly tasty bacon and cheese bread. Mmmmmm. Since we played golf all day, we didn’t see any shows in the evening. We used that cash to eat fantastic food.

I don’t possess photos of us indulging in our new gambling addiction-Pai Gow Poker! We can thank Sprout #3 for introducing us to the fun game. Even though we’re not usually ‘gamers’, we had a blast playing Pai Gow.

Oh, how I wish I had a picture of the usually-reserved Texan at the Pai Gow table receiving a neck message (are there no ugly masseuses?) while imbibing one of the non-stop free cocktails. I could’ve bribed him FOREVER with that one!

Wonderful to have a couple of relaxing Las Vegas days. Now, I’m in waiting mode for the arrival of the grand-daughter. Needle and pins, needles, needles, pins, pins, pins!!

Here’s to your weekend. Hope you turn up a Royal Flush.

Bacon-bread love to all.

still standing

Just returned from our delayed vacation. We traveled to the Colorado cabin after the evacuation from the Waldo Canyon fire was lifted. We didn’t spend any time in Colorado Springs (where the damage was severe) because we were interested in our ‘neck of the woods’. We could see the scalded hillside along Highway 24 headed to Woodland Park. We were stopped by some foreboding law enforcement officials questioning us as to our intentions in the forest.. The Pike National Forest was closed to the public and we had to prove we had business in this area of the forest.

The cabin was still standing!

I kissed the ground. I hugged every neighbor. I skipped through the forest. I thanked God in my prayers. This mountain neighborhood is precious to us. Entering the cabin feels like a warm, comforting, pine-y embrace.

We chatted with our friends about the fire and where they stayed during the days of evacuation. There was a renewed sense of appreciation and happiness around the lakes.

The Texan did some fire mitigation (professional forest service word) around our house.

Clearing around the propane tank

He and the Son-in-Law sawed and sawed and made big piles of limbs to be chipped later. I kept telling everyone who would listen, “The Texan has piles, the Texan has piles!” No one found the humor in that, can you imagine?? The Texan kept confusing his fire ‘mitigation’ with amelioration or some such nonsense. It’s mitigation, Texan! Living in the middle of a thick forest, miles from town….well….there’s only so much one can do to prevent a fire. Our cabin has a metal roof. It was built in the early 1950’s and it’s covered in ugly asbestos siding. Pretty is, as pretty does…right?

Get this. One of the residents had a special fire trailer made and donated it to our neighborhood.

It holds 1000 gallons of water. It’s designed to pump water out of the surrounding lakes and it is a marvel of modern engineering! We are overwhelmed by his kindness and his engineering brilliance. A hearty thank-you to Mr. B! Now, at least, we have a tool to battle a blaze should it break out around our lakes.

The cabin is a comforting place….a place where history seems to repeat itself. I took this photo of the Grandson on our patio. Prepare yourself for cuteness.

Mom’s hand is holding him securely.

I warned you about cute overload! Here is another…..sorry…..

This baby has the goofiest open-mouthed smile. Hope he doesn’t choke on a hummingbird.

History DOES repeat itself.

Our Sprout #3 back in the 80’s, hence the bad socks.

Life has a calm rhythm at the cabin. GrandBob feeds you gruel in the morning.

Sometimes, a picnic in the forest is celebrated.

Sometimes, a wild mountain bichon hovers as you devour your mum-mum. Be very careful, baby!

We are multitudinous gratitudinous. We had a fine time savoring the mountains and counting our blessings for salvation from the (too close) monstrous fire. Our prayers continue for the city of Colorado Springs and for those so devastatingly affected by the fire.

What’s that, you ask?? You are wondering about a certain canine? A very stubby-legged, long-torsoed animal?

Oh yeah, SHE was there. Thanks for asking.

No chipmunk got within a half mile of us!

Blessed salvation love to all.

apres Thanksgiving

Don’t you despise reading those blog posts concerning why said blogger hasn’t blogged in sooooo long?  Blah, blah, blahdy, blah-blah.  Just climb back on the blogging horse and ride on into the Christmas sunset…right?

A pic is worth a thousand words.
This one explains my absence aplenty.

Traveling at Thanksgiving has been a blessed tradition in our family; one we have whole-heartedly embraced.  Turkey is way overrated in our estimation.  Now….tequila….well, we’re mighty grateful.

Jen doesn’t want a starfish for Thanksgiving dinner!
C’mon Sprouts……a spitting duel??

Why isn’t the Texan a-sceered of the purple, hippie sea monster giving the peace sign??

We regularly assembled to give thanks for the sunsets.  Our sanctuary was our balcony.  Every evening there was an awe-inspiring display of God’s creation.

Didn’t I tell you it was awe-inspiring??  The camera self-timer and my little tripod came in handy.

A great holiday and I feel blessed all these folks will put up with me.
Now, let’s throw our leg over the pony and get back to it.  We’re riding into Christmas and I’m feeling inspired.  You with me?

Post-Thanksgiving love to all.