ridin the fence

The precious daughter-in-law doing what she loves best. Looks like a scene from Louis L’Amour, doesn’t it? We are privileged to live in a harsh, rugged and very scenic country.

Been experimenting in photoshop elements with some of the ranch pictures. Made me re-appreciate (is that a word??) the landscape around here. When I first moved here from verdant Oklahoma (in the late 1970’s), I couldn’t believe there were NO trees!

OK, I take that back….we have some trees, but they come equipped with very nasty thorns. If the trees are thornless, they are gnarly and usually tilt strongly one direction because of the relentless winds.

Not having trees gives one an expansive soul. Better to see what is going on in God’s gorgeous sky.

Giving myself props for attempting to grow a vegetable garden in this landscape.  Please note the word ‘attempting’.  I’m one of the hardy, optimistic souls. I also understand the importance of amending this soil.

Hope you take time to look up today….wherever you are. See what’s going on in God’s grand sky. You’ll feel better for it.