the sun also rises (dough)

Naw, I haven’t been reading too much Ernest Hemingway. 

I’ve been tramping around my yard….proudly wearing my oven mitts….trying to find the most direct line to the sun.  I’ve been cooking in my NEW SOLAR OVEN!!

What’s the h is a solar oven, you ask?  Here’s what it looks like.

Stop here, Mother Ship, stop here!!  The Sun Oven consists of a black box with a glass lid.  All four sides have reflecting shields to magnify or intensify the sun’s rays.  The shiny shields easily fold down to make the oven easier to carry.  The inside of the box is black to better absorb the heat.  The instructions say one can cook almost anything as long as one has enough sunlight.
I tested it yesterday.  Try cooking a loaf of bread on a mid-40 F degree day Mr. Stud Sun Oven!  Whaddaya gonna do?

Well.  Look there!  The oven temperature is 350 degrees and the dough seems to be…..rising In-ter-es-TING.  We shall see……
One hour later.  What do we have here?  A pretty appetizing, golden loaf of wheat bread.  It tasted absolutely magnificent.  A taste of the sun in every bite!  Bread de Soleil.

What about meats?  Can the Sun Oven cook meats?  And baby carrots?   And green beans with pearl onions?  How is it possible to perfectly cook meat with the sun?

I dunno.  Something akin to being inside a vehicle on a summer’s day with all the windows rolled up.  This was our dinner tonight.  I even had a guest.  I served this with the Bread de Soleil.  Told him the entire meal was cooked from the sun’s rays.  In my YARD.  With the gophers.  No electricity lost it’s innocent life in the preparation of this meal.  He was impressed alright.  Shoulda seen the look on his face.  Has she lost her ever-lovin-mind??

I suppose the LARGER question might be “Why are you cooking with a Solar Oven?  Why don’t you just turn on the stove in your home like everyone else in the world?!

Uh….I don’t know.  Very astute question.  I’ll hafta get back to you on that.  Questions like that are why you read this blog.
Warm bread love to all.