So much craziness in the news lately. Between the 2nd amendment issue and the gay-marriage issue, we have an abundance of reasons to scream at each other.

Know what I’m sick of? The term h8 and h8rs gonna h8! C’mon.


Most folks I know aren’t motivated by hate. They’re motivated by culture, religion, education, values and many other things-but not hate. Calling people who oppose your argument ‘haters’ is lame and intellectually lazy. Labeling your opposition as haters ends honest discourse.

Since I’m a problem-solver by nature, I’ve found a way to unite. A cause so basic, so pure and undefiled that no one can oppose it. Every Muslim, Jew, Christian, atheist, gay, straight, black, white, silver, poor, rich, bunny, deer and horned toad will unite behind it.

That’s right, Chicken-Wingers…..I’m talking about SINKHOLES!


I’m unable to process the story of the Florida man who fell from the security of his bedroom into a man-devouring sinkhole. My conversation with the Texan went something like this:

Me: Doesn’t it bother you that a man innocently sleeping in his bed fell into a sinkhole and was never found?

Texan: People die in their bedrooms all the time. Cars careen into them. Planes crash into them. It happens.

Me: I KNOW stuff like that happens, but doesn’t it seem particularly random that dear Mother Earth would open up and devour a man in his bedroom?! The bedroom is the most intimate and serene space in the whole house! A place of respite and pleasure (hopefully). The crust of the earth licks its lips and burps after eating a tasty man-morsel? Is nothing sacred? Poor guy! Think of his family!

Texan: It happens.

Roxy Doxy’s scientific explanation of the fragile nature of the earth’s crust and underground water saturation didn’t help much either. Sometimes, her theorems are beyond my comprehension.

Then, faster and noisier than a Nascar race, the answer crashed into me. We’ll form a group. A group in defense of the right to a safe earth. We’ll defend against collapsing bedrooms all across this globe!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in this new cause. DROPSDetermined Residents Opposing Pernicious Sinkholes.


Do I see your hand up volunteering to be President? Think about it. We need you!

Geo-defensive love to all.

P.S. While composing this post, a ring of the door bell and I gladly received these!

PicMonkey Collage
The fragrance of love.

He came for all. Every single sinful one of us. All of us. Now that’s a message worthy of a rally! See you Sunday at your local rally.

He is risen indeed!!