Sentimentality alert.

Leave now if you have an allergy to cute children, perky dogs, autumn leaves or antique electric ranges. This post could cause watery eyes, persistent cough, and your throat to close. You might even require epinephrine.

Closing the mountain cabin for the winter evokes a reminiscing recipe of memory soup. Winter is coming. Do I have to go there? I want to stay where things are cool and golden.

Maybe if I frame a few of the images for posterity, I can move on.

The turning leaves made me feel lighter. No dachshund was harmed in the making of this photo.
G feels like jumping, too!
PicMonkey Collage
The entire gang made it for the 4th of July.

A 1950 electric Frigidaire oven. We’ve created some great meals on this workhorse. Love it.
Uncle W knows how to make a 2-year-old ecstatic.

Couldn’t resist climbing down this steep valley to take a shot of the water flowing over the dam. Almost didn’t make it out. Would someone have come looking for me?
GrandBob is happy to share the hammock.

2 sweethearts.
2 sweethearts.
Stay! Stay! Who wants a cookie?

Being with the grands is fun.
Being with the grands is fun.
Sometimes your best photo is taken while you are on your way to take your BEST photo. Never want to miss these times.

There’s no shortage of scenic photo locations.
Sometimes we pause to stop and stare.
Lucky to have so many special memories to look back upon.
Doxy and I ponder our last day in the mountains. Grateful.

Thanks for lifting a glass with me to salute the passing season.

Sharing with you helps me re-focus. Time to enjoy today and look to the future. There’s lot’s to accomplish.

I’m certain you’ll be hearing about it.

Farewell Summer love to all.

north pole

The North Pole? In July?

Precisely, chicken-wingers!

The entrance to the North Pole.
The entrance to the North Pole.

When our Sprouts were just tender sprigs, every summer involved a trip to the North Pole. It’s just about 30 minutes from our beloved mountain hideaway. The North Pole sits at the base of the Pike’s Peak highway. We haven’t been in at least 20 years now. Time for grand baby G to experience the excitement.

Even the most dedicated fisherman needs to take an amusement park break.
Even the most dedicated fisherman needs to take an amusement park break.

We arrive promptly at opening…10am. How much fun can we have before nap time??

There are cars to drive.


And waters to navigate. G is the Skipper. His friend, the lovely Miss M, is the first mate. (Many thanks, M!!)


mtns&npole 256a
airPLANE!! airPLANE!!

Granny KK lugged around a lens on her camera only a tiny tad smaller than the plane in the above photo. I rented a stroller just for the camera. One proud dad (happily snapping photos with his cell phone) took a long look at me….shook his head in shame and sulked away. The humiliation of being ‘one-upped’ by an over-zealous grandma. I feel your pain, buddy. Next time…..come prepared.

The frozen pole in the center of the park. Do you think Baby H will remember being there?

Memories are rich and vivid. Sometimes the ‘real thing’ stinks and is never as good as you remember it.

Big kids on ‘highest Ferris wheel in North America’.

Ohhhhh, but not this time.

Sprout #2: ‘How are you liking this, Mom? As good as you remember it?’

Me: ‘Where else can I be greeted by Santa, eat a warm funnel cake and absorb frothy (not annoying!) Christmas tunes gayly playing in the background? I can even mail a letter with a postmark from the North Pole! I think I’m in heaven.

mtns&npole 229a
You’d have a delirious expression too, if this was your first experience driving a real race car!

If you ever find your fine self in the Pike’s Peak area, and if you have children ages 2 through 9, you must visit the North Pole. Cute. Quaint. Simply tons of fun for the price.

Now, I will show you my favorite photo. The masterpiece worth all of the sore neck vertebrae. Do not look if you are allergic to cuteness.

You’ve been warned.


mtns&npole 163a
G enjoying the horse.

Thank you for reading and letting me whip my grand kid photo album out of my over-stuffed handbag. I didn’t even see you yawn.

Did I?

Here’s to Christmas in July!

St. Nick love to all.