best news

Why am I perusing tack catalogs?

Longing for items like this?

pink trailer
Who can resist this truck and trailer from
pink halter
A striking pink halter should be in every horse’s wardrobe.
pink blanket
Doesn’t this pony look smashing decked out in the pink blanket?


Have you figured out yet why I am enamored with pink rompers?

Wouldn’t this romper be perfect for summer?

You know, don’t you?

grahambday&pnut 121a
I haven’t told Peanut the good news yet. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!

The #2 Sprout is having another foal!!

See the excitement on baby G’s face? See the terror on his Dad’s face?

It’s too soon to order these items, isn’t it? I should at least wait until she arrives in the latter part of May.

Lord. Hold. Me. Back.

Sugar and spice love to all.