real vs pretend

The Easter grand dogs.

Planned a relaxed celebration with the Sprouts and Grands on Easter evening. I knew everyone’s day would be filled with church and Easter lunch. Could we gather at dinner time for some grilled hot dogs and fun picnic foods? No one would be required to wear Easter finery.

After dinner, we had a very humble egg hunt for the 2 1/2 year old grand. It was raining.

Blessed rain. Getting new gutters on Monday.

We ‘hid’ our eggs in the great room. ‘Time to hunt!’

Granny KK bought some plastic eggs at the walmarts. Didn’t want to overdose the grand on nothing but candy, so I tried to find unique little things I thought he’d enjoy. It was a difficult task, because most things small enough to fit inside the egg presented a choking hazard to his little sister. What to put in the eggs?

The little rubbery bunnies were a big hit. They were colorful and fun and he squealed as he opened each egg. Ditto, the Pez candy. He adores Pez!

Luckily, rubber bunnies are perfecto for head-bonking.

I hid this monster.

The monster was a home run. He loved it. The minature magnetic trains were instant favorites.

The bubbles were pretty popular, too.
robertwbubblesLookin’ great so far, KK! Whew.

Then the little tyke expectantly opened an egg containing this paralyzing sight.

The Easter snake??

I can hear your accusations now. ‘What kind of insane granny scares her guileless grand with a scary snake?’

I admit it….the lure of the $1.00 aisle at the walmarts overcame my good sense. He’s a boy for goodness sake. I thought he would adore it.

Budding snake handler.
Budding snake handler.

The baby had no problem with it. Hhhmph.

Amid the boy’s screams and shrieks I tried to explain, ‘It’s not a real snake, it’s only a pretend snake’.

That’s when I remembered…..2 year-olds have no concept of real versus pretend. We have snakes at our house occasionally…rattlers….and they are all TOO real. What was KK teaching her grand baby?

Called the Sprout this morning with an apology for being an idiot. Instructed her to throw the snake away. She said it was too late. The toddler made them put the snake in a jar and he slept with it on his bedside table. Carried it around this morning and took it out of the jar with shouts of EWWWWW…I touched the snake! He put the snake back in the jar before he went to preschool. What have I started?


Mistakes vs forgiveness. Real versus pretend. It’s all very confusing.


It comes with the territory of being in a family, I guess.


Maybe the Sprouts will forgive me. Maybe I haven’t blended the toddler’s brain too badly. Yet.

I’m certain of one thing. There’s nothing pretend about Easter and the resurrection. His love for each one of us is immeasurable.

Hoping I can tell the grands about the authenticity of that event one day.

Amazing grace-love to all.

Candide: countdown

Image from by digitalart.

Candide feels like a pile of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces tumbling in my brain right now. Everything I need is there. Now it’s time to put the irregular shapes in order and create a stunning picture. Can I apply puzzle glue and keep the picture forever?

The sidebar on this blog reads 5 days to go. Wish it said 10.

Here is the article about Candide written by Chip Chandler in the Amarillo Globe News.

These folks inhabiting the main roles in Candide are stupendously talented. They’re nice, too. I’ve adored watching them practice their craft in rehearsals. There are lots of opportunities to learn something new, if one is willing.

Tonight…rehearsal…in costume….onstage at the Globe News Center.

Why, oh why did I over-indulge in all the Easter goodies?


Hope my skirt has a stretchy waistband.

I’ll be posting the excitement and anticipation this week. Stay tuned.

Spring-diet love to all.


So much craziness in the news lately. Between the 2nd amendment issue and the gay-marriage issue, we have an abundance of reasons to scream at each other.

Know what I’m sick of? The term h8 and h8rs gonna h8! C’mon.


Most folks I know aren’t motivated by hate. They’re motivated by culture, religion, education, values and many other things-but not hate. Calling people who oppose your argument ‘haters’ is lame and intellectually lazy. Labeling your opposition as haters ends honest discourse.

Since I’m a problem-solver by nature, I’ve found a way to unite. A cause so basic, so pure and undefiled that no one can oppose it. Every Muslim, Jew, Christian, atheist, gay, straight, black, white, silver, poor, rich, bunny, deer and horned toad will unite behind it.

That’s right, Chicken-Wingers…..I’m talking about SINKHOLES!


I’m unable to process the story of the Florida man who fell from the security of his bedroom into a man-devouring sinkhole. My conversation with the Texan went something like this:

Me: Doesn’t it bother you that a man innocently sleeping in his bed fell into a sinkhole and was never found?

Texan: People die in their bedrooms all the time. Cars careen into them. Planes crash into them. It happens.

Me: I KNOW stuff like that happens, but doesn’t it seem particularly random that dear Mother Earth would open up and devour a man in his bedroom?! The bedroom is the most intimate and serene space in the whole house! A place of respite and pleasure (hopefully). The crust of the earth licks its lips and burps after eating a tasty man-morsel? Is nothing sacred? Poor guy! Think of his family!

Texan: It happens.

Roxy Doxy’s scientific explanation of the fragile nature of the earth’s crust and underground water saturation didn’t help much either. Sometimes, her theorems are beyond my comprehension.

Then, faster and noisier than a Nascar race, the answer crashed into me. We’ll form a group. A group in defense of the right to a safe earth. We’ll defend against collapsing bedrooms all across this globe!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in this new cause. DROPSDetermined Residents Opposing Pernicious Sinkholes.


Do I see your hand up volunteering to be President? Think about it. We need you!

Geo-defensive love to all.

P.S. While composing this post, a ring of the door bell and I gladly received these!

PicMonkey Collage
The fragrance of love.

He came for all. Every single sinful one of us. All of us. Now that’s a message worthy of a rally! See you Sunday at your local rally.

He is risen indeed!!