No, no….not American Idol. I’m not talkin’ J-Lo or Harry Connick, Jr. Settle down.

Can you remember being a small tyke? Think as far back as you can possibly remember. A time when you couldn’t do everything for yourself, but you were learning. Maybe recall a time when you still wore a onesie pajama.


Do you remember idolizing an older kid who could do so much more than you? Maybe he could saddle his own horse.

paysonsaddlingAlmost saddle his own horse.

payson&dustinThis older cowpoke has his own cowboy hat, boots and spurs.


He can climb on tall things without assistance.

paysononchuteHe’s a general stud, but you know what the coolest thing about him is? He’s nice and he takes time to play with you….a lowly little kid.

payson&graham1He takes you huntin’ for yyittle yyizards on the rock wall.

grahamandpaysonHe helps a small feller out when he needs a leg up.

graham&paysononwallThis friend is so nice, he allows you to play with the baby frog he caught.

Your friend responds with a sly grin when you ask for the thousandy-eleventh-time, “Can I go to youse house? Can I go to youse house? Bye mommy. Can I go to youse house?

After a long morning of rounding up, branding, working calves, yyizard-hunting, frog-playing, horseback-riding, and chute-climbing, the truck ride back to the chuck wagon can cause your older, idolized friend to get bone-tired.

Your only thought, your sole wish is… want to BE him. Just like HIM.


Soon enough, little guy. Soon enough.

Best-buddy love to all.