the culprit

It’s been chaos digging out from under the mountain of votes for the murderous canine. All. 4. of. them. Whew! You weren’t aware we were having a vote? Read HERE.

Most of you intuitively knew who the guilty dog was….EXCEPT for:

JACKIE….Sophie, the old Bichon? A bold out-of-the-box choice. Maybe in her younger days!


AUDREY….the Mastiff?? He’s big, but I don’t see death and destruction in his eyes. He might’ve accidentally stepped on a bunny and squashed it.


Reba couldn’t be the killer, cuz like I said…..VAPID. Doodles!?


The black lab, Mambo couldn’t have done it unless the rabbit was out for a swim. Seems unlikely.


Rosie the border collie could only accidentally herd the rabbit to death. Not this time.

paradisebranding 185a

Charlie the boxer? Naw….he’s too busy trying to breathe. He couldn’t sniff out a rabbit.

charlieThat leaves PHYLLIS and SUZY as our winners!! They voted for the fiercest sniffer and tracker of them all. Roxy Doxy!! You ladies are BRILLIANT! (and slightly twisted for reading this blog)

doxyguiltyIs it because I forced her to pose with PEEPS at Easter that she despises rabbits?

Or, did she kill the rabbit because her brain is hardwired to sniff out fearsome badgers? Did you know her breed originated in Germany where they were bred to fearlessly enter badger-holes and kill them. To drive home how incredible this is, you must watch the honey badger video. I know it’s old, but it makes me cry with laughter every time I see it. Randall’s narration is priceless. If you want a laugh, watch it HERE.

Well….the contest is over. Thanks to all who participated. Now, I have to learn how to live with this killer. Eleven pounds of heat-seeking-missile rabbit-terror.

Roxy&robIt’s a big responsibility.

Anyone else craving marshmallows?

Hope your week is outstanding.

Mystery-solving love to all.


pondering play

‘All brothel whores to the stage in five minutes. This is a five-minute call for the brothel whores to the stage, please.’

threepennyandhannah 009a
Two of the brothel lovelies.

Welcome to my weekend with the Threepenny Opera.

threepennyandhannah 011a
The brazens.

Some lessons learned:

The addition of a stage cigarette can morph a character from mild-mannered to desperate with just one puff.

threepennyandhannah 013a

An uplifting bra (with added padding), eyelash glue, and safety pins are an absolute necessity when playing a hooker. A lack of normal modesty comes in handy, too. I had to crop the photo above. My bloomers were too big and dropped down embarrassingly low. Oops. Sorry, cast-mates. Accidents happen.

Kath and Nath.

Whores can be annoyed by beggars. Mainly because their ‘make-up application time’ is considerably less.

threepennyandhannah 004aMy ensemble-friends are a fun and talented bunch. Love them.

Play-acting is an imagination-stretcher. It allows you to inhabit a body/person you would never be in real-life. It’s fun. Sure hope the audience thought so, anyway.

Stomping out my stage cigarette and returning to my blessedly smoke-free real life.

Hope you embrace your opportunities to explore and play.

Threepenny-love to all.


pondering laughter

Rehearsals are in full swing for Amarillo Opera’s interpretation of The Threepenny Opera.

Cackling. Giggling. Belly-trembling guffawing. Water-spewing-out-the-nose laughter. Those were the sounds emanating from the ol’ bod last night.

Seems Mack gets trapped in the middle with his women.

Mackie and Lucy Brown. She has a difficult time staying per-pen-dic-u-lar around Mack.

He’s despicable, but Mark Womack makes us love him in spite of himself. There’s nothing else to say.

beggar scene
photo courtesy of Amarillo Opera. The locals.

My ensemble-cohorts making me chortle. The Amarillo fellows playing the gang members are priceless. Be sure to catch their antics.

Mr. Pizzazz himself!

The charming Patrick Swindell (of Patrick Swindell and Pizzazz fame) as a street singer. Patrick shatters the fourth wall and helps the audience understand the action on stage. He brings mountains of quirky fun to the show! You can see how spell-binding he is by looking at the reaction of the actor in the chair onstage.

photo courtesy of Amarillo Opera.

The Threepenny ensemble rehearsing last night. Look closely……notice the banjo. That’s right. A banjo! How crazy fun is that?

Don’t want to give away too much, but this show has an over-the-top ending. The finale even pokes the endings of grand opera in the eye. It’s smart, crisp and devilishly funny.

You don’t want to miss this gem. You will laugh. I promise. Next weekend….April 5th and 6th. Contact Amarillo Opera for tickets. Or message me if you like and I can hook you up.

The best medicine love to all.





north pole

The North Pole? In July?

Precisely, chicken-wingers!

The entrance to the North Pole.
The entrance to the North Pole.

When our Sprouts were just tender sprigs, every summer involved a trip to the North Pole. It’s just about 30 minutes from our beloved mountain hideaway. The North Pole sits at the base of the Pike’s Peak highway. We haven’t been in at least 20 years now. Time for grand baby G to experience the excitement.

Even the most dedicated fisherman needs to take an amusement park break.
Even the most dedicated fisherman needs to take an amusement park break.

We arrive promptly at opening…10am. How much fun can we have before nap time??

There are cars to drive.


And waters to navigate. G is the Skipper. His friend, the lovely Miss M, is the first mate. (Many thanks, M!!)


mtns&npole 256a
airPLANE!! airPLANE!!

Granny KK lugged around a lens on her camera only a tiny tad smaller than the plane in the above photo. I rented a stroller just for the camera. One proud dad (happily snapping photos with his cell phone) took a long look at me….shook his head in shame and sulked away. The humiliation of being ‘one-upped’ by an over-zealous grandma. I feel your pain, buddy. Next time…..come prepared.

The frozen pole in the center of the park. Do you think Baby H will remember being there?

Memories are rich and vivid. Sometimes the ‘real thing’ stinks and is never as good as you remember it.

Big kids on ‘highest Ferris wheel in North America’.

Ohhhhh, but not this time.

Sprout #2: ‘How are you liking this, Mom? As good as you remember it?’

Me: ‘Where else can I be greeted by Santa, eat a warm funnel cake and absorb frothy (not annoying!) Christmas tunes gayly playing in the background? I can even mail a letter with a postmark from the North Pole! I think I’m in heaven.

mtns&npole 229a
You’d have a delirious expression too, if this was your first experience driving a real race car!

If you ever find your fine self in the Pike’s Peak area, and if you have children ages 2 through 9, you must visit the North Pole. Cute. Quaint. Simply tons of fun for the price.

Now, I will show you my favorite photo. The masterpiece worth all of the sore neck vertebrae. Do not look if you are allergic to cuteness.

You’ve been warned.


mtns&npole 163a
G enjoying the horse.

Thank you for reading and letting me whip my grand kid photo album out of my over-stuffed handbag. I didn’t even see you yawn.

Did I?

Here’s to Christmas in July!

St. Nick love to all.