Want proof the ranch petroglyphs are worm-holing my brain?

All you need is one word:  molcajete (moh-cah-HAY-teh). For you Anglos that’s mortar and pestle.

Doxy assured me the molcajete was used by the Aztecs.

A precious Latina friend gifted me this rustic molcajete. She instructed me in the ancient art of making salsa. She puts her salsa on everything:  eggs, meat, fish, tortillas….anything!

She told me to purchase a couple of jalapenos, 6 or 7 tomatillos, and a roma tomato.

I upped the quantities of everything but the jalapenos. Didn’t want my salsa to be scorching hot

Seed the peppers, shell the tomatillos, and slice the roma tomatoes. Place veggies on a cookie sheet under a hot broiler.


She said don’t be afraid to give them a good char. The charring adds a smoky flavor.

The well-charred ingredients.

Then, small portions at a time, add the ingredients to the molcajete and start grinding.

This took some time. I was dying for the blender or food-processor….but I persevered.

The molcajete gets seasoned by repeated uses; like a cast-iron skillet. It’s said it gives a richness of flavor a blender simply can’t impart.

Beginning to look like salsa.

This is how mine looked. I adore the acid-flavor of tomatillos….but you can alter the ingredients any way you like to suit your taste.

Notice the bits of black? That’s from the burnt skin of the peppers and tomatoes.

The taste test? Pure fabulous-ness. The Texan gave it his stamp of approval. Lots of great fresh flavors going on in this concoction.

I’ll put this on my eggs in the morning.

I’m becoming one with the ancient peoples who once inhabited the Southwest. Can the addition of an horno be far behind?

Horno in Taos, New Mexico. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Flavorful love to all.

C’mon Spring.