pondering sexy

What makes something/someone sexy?

Defining sexy is like trying to hold a handful of jello. It’s one of those I know it when I see it kinds of things. Trying to explain sexy, or trying hard to be sexy decreases the sexiness component exponentially.

So without comment, I’ll show you some sexy, not-sexy things.


steve mcqueenNot sexy.

justin-bieberSexy song.


Not sexy song.



bb-s4-posterNot sexy.

miley cyrus

There’s a particular character trait I find unabashedly sexy. I’m attracted to people who possess this quality. Sexiness in a person (for me, anyway) has absolutely nothing to do with appearance and absolutely everything to do with being comfortable in one’s own skin.

Wanna hear the sexiest name I’ve heard in a while? This name even rivals the grandma/stripper monikers I wrote about in a previous post.


Amber Smoke. She’s a real person. And I KNOW her!

photo courtesy of ambersmoke.com

Amber is one of our visiting artists featured in Amarillo Opera’s Threepenny Opera this weekend. She exemplifies being comfortable in your own skin and I love her for it!

In fact, I think each of our visiting artists brings his own unique and oh-so-sexy style to our production.

A sexy group, for sure.

What does the term sexy mean to you? I’d love to hear. Keep it clean for KK (my granny-name)!

Let’s-stay-together love to all.




more fashion: the missing piece

Remember my fearless closet inventory?  The shopping in my closet and taking pictures of outfits? How this compulsive activity was akin to six months of psychotherapy and I could spot certain trends and patterns in my personality through my choices in clothing?

Whew…..I need medication.

The closet inventory revealed a mystery missing piece. A piece able to impart a certain hip agrarianism,  a je ne sais quoi attitude and a deep river of coolness.

Wanna take a guess what I needed to make my sartorial life blessedly complete??

Did you guess a bustier?? Wrong, poultry-breath! It’s a jean jacket!!

Sprout #2 gave me this cropped number. It’s from White House/Black Market.

Jean jackets mean never having to say you’re sorry. A jean jacket is timeless and mixes with everything. Looks like you’ve just taken a long, satisfying drag from a Marlboro.

steve mcqueen
Don’t tell the Texan I was in love with this man.

Here’s a dress I discovered in the dark recesses of my closet. I’ve had it probably 2 or 3 years and I’ve never worn it. Still has the price tag on it. It’s a Michael Kors dress. I spotted it at my fave outlet store (Saks Off Fifth) in Castle Rock, Colorado. How could I possibly resist a designer dress at such a drastically reduced price??

Another example of my love affair with beige and understated belts.

Not sure WHERE I thought I’d wear this spicy, habanero number. I can hear you shouting in unison…..’a Christmas party!’ I’ve never worn it…..maybe it’s too red, too gold, too shiny or too sleeveless-y. Fits great, though.

Look how the attitude changes when a jean jacket and casual belt are added.

This ensemble proclaims, ‘Yeah, I’m at your Christmas party but I’ve got some serious business later with my John Deere. Let’s get on with it.’ Perfection.

A sublime blend of yin and yang, shiny and rough, fancy and plain, lollipops and cigarettes, Mary Poppins and Steve McQueen. This outfit gets my stamp of approval and I’m gonna wear it!

The jean jacket goes with everything. Pair it with pants, skirts and dresses.

Some dresses and one skirt I paired with the jacket.

I can hear you gasping, ‘Does she wear bright blue glittery flowers on her hips in public?’ Guilty. Fashion rules are made to be broken, dah-ling!

Now, grab your jean jacket and start shoppin’ your closet. Maybe you’ll discover your inner Steve McQueen.

Denim-y love to all.