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Consider this your winter palate-cleanser.

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Traveled recently along the Pacific version of the ‘humpback highway’. The off-ramp we exited was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo sits on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula and many-a humpback whale travel from the waters around Alaska south along the western coast of the U.S. The whales have their calves, mate, spout, and enjoy tasty margaritas and fajitas while they visit during the months of December through March.

We got up early in the morning.

jan2013cabo 011a
Sunrise celebrated from the infinity pool.

A couple of days, we played golf.

jan2013cabo 199a
My fave par 3. Totally surrounded by colorful Bougainvillea. I drove the green on this hole. Don’t ask about the others.

The morning we left for the whale adventure, we were greeted by this friendly fellow. Natives said it was necessary to protect your catch. The bold sea-lion would steal an entire marlin from the back of a boat.

A hungry sea lion.
A hungry sea-lion.

As our ship rounded the famous arches, we spied interesting wildlife.

jan2013cabo 060aWe laughed at the comedic colony of sea-lions basking on a rock.

This was the largest of the sea lions. 'I'm too sexy for this rock, too sexy for this rock....'
This was the largest of the sea-lions. ‘I’m too sexy for this rock, too sexy for this rock….’

Our guide told us to watch the horizon for spouting.


Wish I had a spectacular whale-breeching photo to share with you. Our guide said breeching was a relatively rare behavior. It is used by the male to attract a female. Guess the guys were doing OK the day we visited. The humpbacks can exceed 50 feet in length and weigh 30 to 50 tons.

The hump. Mainly what we saw on our whale journey.
The hump. Mostly what we saw on our whale journey.

Notice the portion of quiet water in the next photo? Seems the skin of the whale leaves an oily patch on the surface of the water to make a footprint. These flat places can hold together for 15 minutes or so. When you see these ‘quiet places’ among the sea chop…..whales are nearby.

The whales mainly travel in pairs. Male, female....sometimes 2 males competing for 1 female.
The whales mainly travel in pairs. Male, female….sometimes 2 males competing for 1 female.

The guide told us that after you see the whale’s tale in the air (they are diving), they will return to the surface in 8 to 10 minutes for air. She was right. They came up like clockwork.

jan2013cabo 109a
Looks like something nibbled on the left side of the tail.

Our guide was intent on taking photos of these tail sightings. She explained each whale’s tale was equivalent to a human fingerprint. The color, spots and unique shapes were used to identify the whales. She stated the scientists studying the whales could match the photos of tails taken off the waters of Alaska to the tail photos of the Cabo whales. Positive proof of how far these behemoths travel every year!

Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

Could this theory possibly apply to humans?


Appears to be at least a 30-tonner to me. Word is this tail has currently migrated to West Texas. Keep your camera ready for confirmation.

Puttin’-on-blubber love to all.

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Doesn’t every home need chocolate chips?

Even though I’m still learning the ropes of this new format, rest assured the quirky cast of characters moved with me.

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I gave her air holes…what more could she want?!

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You don’t want to miss:

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My Super Bowl rendezvous with Captain Morgan.
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My unique and bold new use of ‘crap shooter’.
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My new-found love affair with this ancient, seedy fruit.
On the ranch in Union County, New Mexico
The recent spotting of this mountain lion on the ranch in Union County, New Mexico.
Moi, on the high seas
Why am I showing you my tail while on the high seas?

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